Aikyashree Scholarship 2023: lists, last dates, application form, Renewal, Doccuments and Eligibility

In partnership with the WBMDFC (West Bengal Minority Development and Finance Corporation), the Aikyashree scholarship program supports deserving students (at both school and college levels) in West Bengal.

West Bengal’s government and its subsidiary boards operate the Aikyashree Scholarship program, which provides financial assistance to exemplary, worthy and impoverished students of the state to continue their education.

Providing socio-economic benefits and educational opportunities to minority students (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Jains) in West Bengal is the purpose of the Aikyashree Scholarship Program.

The portal provides end-to-end scholarship services for minority students in WB. Through the WBMDFC Aikyashree Scholarship Portal, students from Class 1 to PhD level can apply for various WB Government scholarship schemes.

Aikyashree Scholarship 2023

The Aikyashree scholarship program awards students from financially poor backgrounds and minority communities. In addition to promoting talented students, West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation also supports them financially through this program.

The West Bengal State Government fully funds the Aikyashree scholarship to cover all of the students’ educational expenses. For meritorious students, the monetary help covers hostel fees and school and college tuition.

Aikyashree Scholarship lists 2023

Scholarship name Details
West Bengal Pre- matric Scholarship
  • A scholarship program for students in Class 9 and Class 10 is available.

  • A scholarship amount ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 750 per month is available to the selected students.

  • The selected students also receive an annual Adhoc Reward of up to Rs. 1000 in addition to the scholarship amount.

West Bengal Post-matric Scholarship
  • This scholarship program is open to students in classes 11, 12, and graduation, as well as post-graduation.

  • Scholarships are available for SC, ST, and OBC students pursuing post-matric or post-secondary studies.

  • Each chosen student can receive a monthly scholarship amount ranging from 160 to 1200 rupees. 

Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship, West Bengal
  • Scholarships are available to female students only.

  • Students qualifying for class 12th from any board in West Bengal are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

  • These scholarships are available to female students pursuing undergraduate degrees in Basic Science, Engineering, or Medicine at any West Bengal institute.

  • Each month, the selected students will receive Rs. 3000.

  • The student will also receive a yearly book grant of Rs. 2000 in addition to the scholarship amount.

Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship (SVMCM)
  • The scholarship is merit-based rather than means-based.

  • This scholarship program is open to students in Class 11 through PhD level candidates.

  • A monthly scholarship of Rs. 8000 is given to minority students depending on their educational level.

  • Scholarships are awarded according to academic achievement and financial need.

Hindi Scholarship Scheme, West Bengal
  • In states like West Bengal that speak no Hindi, this scholarship assists and supports students studying the Hindi language.

  • You can apply for this scholarship if you are a student studying in higher secondary, undergraduate, postgraduate, or research level courses (M.Phil., PhD, M.Lit., etc.).

  • Scholarship amounts range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 per month for selected students.

Aikyashree – Benefits of Scholarship Programme 

The West Bengal Minority Development and Finance Corporation (WBMDFC) offers several scholarship programs. The corporation, however, has established the Aikyashree scholarship to benefit students from minority communities such as Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsees, and Jains.

Besides this, there are several other reasons for the creation of the Aikyashree scholarship programme. As a result of this scholarship, –

  1. Students with low incomes and meritorious backgrounds can apply for education loans

  2. Develop programs to empower women from minority groups

  3. Education can help students become financially independent

  4. In West Bengal, improve the literacy rate

  5. Providing competitive exam training to students

  6. Develop and upgrade student skills through training programs

  7. Scholarships for students who are poor but dedicated

Aikyashree – List of Scholarships with Details 

Aikyashree Scholarship Portal provides students with 5 government scholarship schemes managed by West Bengal Minorities’ Development and Finance Corporation.

  1. WB Pre Matric Scholarship

  2. WB Post Matric Scholarship

  3. Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship, West Bengal

  4. Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship (SVMCM)

  5. Hindi Scholarship Scheme, West Bengal

Aikyashree – Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for different Aikyashree scholarships, you must meet different criteria. It is necessary for students to apply for scholarships based on their educational level.

West Bengal Pre-matric Scholarship (SC/ST Students)

  • The student must be a domicile of West Bengal.

  • He or she must be a student of Class 9 or 10.

  • The student must belong to either SC or ST category.

  • The annual family income of the student should not exceed Rs. 2 lakh.

West Bengal Post-matric Scholarship

  • The student must be a domicile of West Bengal.

  • The student must belong to either SC, ST or OBC category.

  • Students eligible to apply for this scholarship are the ones studying in Class 11, 12, Graduation or Post Graduation.

  • The annual family income of the student should not exceed Rs. 1 lakh for OBC,  Rs. 2 Lakh for SC  and Rs. 2.5 Lakh for ST category students.

Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship, West Bengal

  • The student must be a domicile of West Bengal.

  • This student should be female.

  • Candidates should have qualified Class 12th from any board.

  • The student must be aspiring to pursue education in the fields of Engineering, Medicine or Basic Science at a known institution in West Bengal.

Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship (SVMCM)

  • The student must be a domicile of West Bengal.

  • The student must be studying in  Class 11 or 12.


If the student is not pursuing a general undergraduate or graduate degree, they must be studying Engineering, Medical, or Technical/Professional courses.

  • Students pursuing higher secondary education or diplomas must have at least 75% marks in class 10.

  • In order to study at the undergraduate level, the student must have earned at least 75% marks in class 12.

  • Student families should not earn more than Rs. 2.5 lakh per year.

  • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit and means to deserving students.

  • This scholarship is also available to students pursuing M.Phil and Doctoral courses at state-aided institutions.

Hindi Scholarship Scheme, West Bengal

  • It is essential that the student is a West Bengal resident.

  • Applicants must be from a state where Hindi is not spoken.

  • In order to apply, you must have passed one of the following degrees: Madhyamik, Higher Secondary, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or any equivalent degree.

  • Hindi must have been one of the subjects in the earlier qualifying examination, in the first trial.

Aikyashree – Scholarship Rewards

Only students with a score above 50% in their previous examinations are eligible for the Aikyashree scholarship. Scholarships are awarded from State Government funds to eligible students. Scholarships are given to two groups of beneficiaries: day scholars and hostelers.

In both categories, students can find detailed scholarship incentives below.

Incentives for Hostellers

Types of Scholarship Class of Study Admission
fee & tuition fee waiver
Allowance waiver
Total benefit
Pre-Matric 6 to 10 Rs. 4400 Rs.  6600 Rs. 11,000
Post-Matric 11 and 12 Rs. 7700 Rs. 4200 Rs. 11,900
11 and 12 (technical and vocational courses of this level) Rs. 11,000 Rs. 4200 Rs. 15,200
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Rs. 3300 Rs. 6300 Rs. 9600
M.Phil. Rs. 3300 Rs. 13,200 Rs. 16,500
Merit-cum-Means Medical Engineering, Management, Law, Chartered Accountant, etc. courses Rs. 22,000 Rs. 11,000 Rs. 33,000

Scholarship Incentives for Day Scholars

Types of Scholarship Class of Study Admission
fee & tuition fee waiver
Allowance waiver
Total Benefits
Pre-Matric 1 to 5 Rs. 1100 Rs. 1100
6 to 10 Rs. 4400 Rs. 1100 Rs. 5500
Post-Matric 11 and 12 Rs. 7700 Rs. 2500 Rs. 10200
11 and 12 (technical and vocational courses of this level) Rs. 11,000 Rs. 2500 Rs. 13500
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Rs. 3300 Rs. 3300 Rs. 6600
M.Phil. Rs. 3300 Rs. 6000 Rs. 9300
Merit-cum-Means Medical Engineering, Management, Law, Chartered Accountant, etc. courses Rs. 22,000 Rs. 5500 Rs. 27500


Aikyashree Portals links

In the table below, students will find detailed steps to fill out and submit the Aikyashree application form. But to make things easier, Buddy4Study has compiled the appropriate application portal addresses for all the schemes and scholarships provided by the Aikyashree scholarship programme.

West Bengal Pre- matric Scholarship
West Bengal Post-matric Scholarship
Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship, West Bengal
Swami Vivekananda Merit cum Means Scholarship (SVMCM)
Hindi Scholarship Scheme, West Bengal The application can be sent offline to the following address:

Scholarship & Stipend Section of Education, Directorate, West Bengal,

Bikash Bhawan, DF Block, Salt Lake Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091


How to Apply for Aikyashree Scholarship 2023 

Following are the steps students need to follow to continue the Aikyashree application process:

Step 1 – Student Registration

1. Please visit the official site of the WBMDFC or directly click on Aikyashree Scholarships

2. To register, click on the New Registration button

3. The district of your institute should be selected

4. In the registration form, enter your name, district, guardians’ names, DOB, mobile number, e-mail address, and bank account number.

5. After clicking Submit, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Scheme Eligibility

1. You will need to provide details on the scheme eligibility column on the webpage, such as the current institution, its location, the class or course name, the last exam passed, the name of the board, the year the last exam was passed, the percentage marks obtained, and the email address of the student.

2. Click the Submit & Proceed button after reviewing the details

Step 3 – Registration Completion 

1. You will receive a temporary User ID after completing the above step.

2. Please check your email or inbox for the password

Step 4 – Students Login

1. Enter your User ID and Password on the Student Log-In page

2. Enter the below-mentioned details:

  • Basic Information

  • Academic Information

  • Bank Account Information

3. Change your password (it’s mandatory) and click Submit for extra safety

Step 5 – Final Submission

1. Under Basic Information, enter the details

2. Submit and continue

3. In the Academic Information section, enter the details

4. Proceed by clicking the Submit button

5. Complete the Bank Account Information form and verify it

6. Click the Pre-View tab to verify all the details

7. On the Final Submit tab, click on

The final step is to verify and print out the results

1. Verify the details you entered previously

2. Take a printout copy of the application after you have entered all information in the designated slots

3. In addition to the application form, submit a copy of the bank passbook with the account number and IFSC code to the concerned institute

Documents for Aikyashree application

The Aikyashree scholarship application process can only be completed by students who possess the necessary certificates and documents.

  1. Self-certified community certificate

  2. Income certificate

  3. Current year’s fee receipt

  4. A self-attested copy of the mark sheet from the previous year

  5. Certificate of residential/domestic occupancy

  6. Details of the bank account

  7. Photograph of the applicant in passport size

Aikyashree Scholarship 2023 Renewal Process

If a student wishes to renew his/her WBMDFC scholarship, he/she must follow the steps below:

1. The official website for the All Scholarships (Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, MCM, TSP, SVMCM) can be found here.

2. Open the Renewal Application by clicking on it

3. On the dialogue box that appears, select the district and click OK

4. The application ID, date of birth, district, and captcha code must be entered in order to log in

5. To log in, click here

6. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Please enter the OPT that was sent and submit it.

7. You will have two options – Renew Application or Withdraw Application. On the Renew Application page, click the button

8. Name, date of birth, email address, parent’s name, gender, religion, etc., are some of the details asked in the registration form.

9. Next, click on Submit

10. Please enter your academic details from the past and present

11. Select Submit and Next from the menu

12. Check and verify the bank details like IFSC, bank name and branch, account number and name in the bank account according to your passbook

13. You must check the box stating that the bank account details are accurate to the best of your knowledge.

14. After clicking Submit, click Next

15. Please upload the required documents (certificate of verification from the institution) with the form.

16. By clicking Submit and Next, you can submit your application

17. Before submitting the form, please review all the details

18. On the Renewal Application tab, click Submit and Lock

19. The details will be displayed in a pop-up asking if they are correct. Click OK if they are

20. To print the renewal application, click Print Renewal Application.

Aikyashree Scholarship Last Date of Application Renewal 

Aikyashree scholarship renewal applications are available for students who received the West Bengal Minority Scholarship last year. As of 15th August 2022, Aikyashree Scholarship renewal applications are now available online.

Applications for the Aikyashree Scholarship Renewal Application must be submitted by 31st October 2022.

How to Reset Aikyashree Application ID or Password?

By using their registered mobile number, date of birth and bank account number, students can easily retrieve their last year’s Aikyashree Scholarship Application ID and Password from the official website.

The following are the detailed steps students can follow to retrieve their Aikyashree application ID or password:

1. Aikyashree Scholarship website

2. Select Student Login from the menu.

3. Go to the login page and click the Forgot User ID / Password link.

4. The Scholarship Registration Year, the Institution District, the Registered Mobile Number, the Date of Birth, and the Bank Account Number / Application ID should be selected.

5. In addition to the Application ID and Password, WBMDFC will send an SMS containing both.

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