Pre Matric Scholarship: Scholarships sponsored by the Central Government for SC students, Jammu and Kashmir, 2023

Pre Matric Scholarship: You can apply for the very prestigious Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship for scheduled caste candidates if you are studying in class 1 to class 10 in a Jammu and Kashmir school or college. To apply for this prestigious scheme, candidates must complete an application form available from the national scholarship portal, and once selected as per the selection procedure for the Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship for SC Students, they will be able to receive the monetary fund. If candidates meet the eligibility criteria listed below, they will be awarded this scholarship. Our step-by-step application procedure has also been shared with you.

Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship for SC Students, about…

Jammu, and Kashmir Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship for SC Students 2023 is a very prestigious scheme sponsored by the national scholarship portal. In order to receive proper benefits so that they can continue to pursue their education and have a lot of career opportunities in the future, all students living in Jammu and Kashmir state may apply for this scholarship opportunity if they are permanent residents of the state. Specifically, the scholarship will benefit students in classes first through tenth and all students will have access to monetary funds to assist them in discovering their educational goals and careers.

Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship for SC Students Benefits

As a result of the implementation of the system, all beneficiaries will receive the following benefits:-

  • Day Scholar – INR 3,500 per annum
  • Hosteller –
    Component 1- INR 7,000 per annum,
    Component 2- INR. 8,000 per annum (For classes 3 to 10)
  • A 10% extra allowance will be provided to Divyang (Disabled) students.

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Pre Matric Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Pre Matric Scholarship scheme, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Citizens of India must apply.
  • Be in 9th or 10th grade
  • Jammu and Kashmir SC community member
  • Income from all sources equals INR 2.5 lakh per year
  • Children or wards of workers who fall into the following categories, regardless of their religion:
    Manual Scavengers Act 2013 defines hazardous cleaners as persons engaged in hazardous cleaning,
    According to section 2(I) (g) of the Manual Scavengers Act 2013, people who are manual scavengers,
    Tanners and Flayers,
    Waste pickers.

Required Documents for Pre Matric Scholarship

When applying for Pre Matric Scholarship, the following documents must be submitted:

  • An official certificate from the District Social Welfare officer or an authorized representative of a local body, a civic agency, or another authority designated by the State Government
  • Income certificate
  • Mark sheets/certificates.

The Terms & Conditions for Pre Matric Scholarship

To apply for the centrally sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship, the applicant must meet the following conditions:-

  • Pre Matric Scholarship will be available for one year for any class. Scholarships will not be awarded for the second (or subsequent) year if a student repeats a class.
  • The award may be renewed if a scholar cannot appear in the annual examination due to illness with the production of a medical certificate from the prescribed authority and acceptance by the institution.
  • Student will be eligible to receive the Pre Matric Scholarship until they pass Class 10 if they achieve satisfactory academic performance and maintain a 75% attendance rate. Aadhaar-based attendance system will be used to verify attendance.
  • A number of parameters will be used to measure the performance of the States/UTs on an annual basis, such as:
    payments as per the given time schedule,
    coverage from the poorest households,
    academic outcomes of the scholarship-holders,
    Implementation of Aadhaar-based attendance,
    Digitization of various certificates required for determining eligibility etc.
  • In the event that a Pre Matric Scholarship recipient discontinues studying, the Pre Matric Scholarship amount must refunded.
  • A change to the provisions of this Pre Matric Scholarship can made by the Government of India at any time.

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Centrally Sponsored Pre Matric Scholarship Online Application Process

The procedure for applying for the Pre Matric Scholarship is as follows:

  • To access the national scholarship portal, candidates must first click the link below to access the official website.
  • You will taken to the home page.
  • Select New Registration from the menu.
  • Your screen will display the instructions.
  • Make sure the declaration is tick.
  • You can continue by clicking “Continue”.
  • Complete all the fields.
  • Please enter your name, date of birth, mobile number, gender, email ID, and bank account information.
  • Please enter the captcha code.
  • You can register by clicking the “Register” button.
  • Using your credentials, you must now log in.
  • Application Form can found by clicking on the option.
  • On the screen, you will see the application form
  • Include student details such as the State of Domicile, the Name of the Student, the Date of
  • Birth, the Community/Category, the Father’s Name, the Aadhaar Card Number, the Mobile
  • Number, the Scholarship Category, the Gender, Religion, the Mother’s Name, the Annual
  • Family Income, and the Email Address of the Student.
  • Then click “Save & Continue”.
  • The documents should be upload.
  • You can submit your work by clicking the “Final Submission” button
  • You have successfully submitted your application.

Check Status of Your Pre Matric Scholarship Application

You can check the status of your application by following these simple steps:-

  • Click on the link of official website of the national scholarship portal.
  • You will be take to the home page.
  • Login by clicking the Login option.
  • You will be take to a new page.
  • Drop-down menus allow you to select your year.
  • You will be take to a new page.
  • You will need your application ID and password.
  • Select the Submit option.
  • On your screen, you will see the status of your application.


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