Ban Ki-Moon: Online application for Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship 2023 for Masters studies at MCI

Ban Ki-Moon: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and MCI are working together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A University of Applied Sciences, MCI (Management Centre Innsbruck) is part of the Entrepreneurial University. As a result, it allows meaningful connections to be made between universities, grandes écoles, business schools, universities of applied sciences, and corporate organizations. Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship applications are being accepted by MCI for master’s study in 2022. An international Entrepreneurial University, the MCI combines the best of science, economics, and consulting. An international university with academic excellence, practice-oriented research, innovation, close collaboration with industry, first-class infrastructure, high levels of customer service, and international recognition. Additionally, MCI contributes to the professionalization of business, management, politics, and culture by providing new impulses, strengthening competitiveness, and creating new opportunities.

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship 2023, about…

Under the patronage of excellence, the Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship supports students studying and developing at a prestigious university in Europe. MCI (Management Centre Innsbruck) and the 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon are jointly supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ban ki-Moon Scholarships are available to first-year master’s students. Upon successful completion of the first year of the master’s program, the scholarship may be extended for the second year. Our article provides information about the Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship, eligibility criteria, application procedures, application deadline, objectives, and much more if you are interested in applying.

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship, key points

Name of scholarship Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship
Objective Students get the opportunity to study in Europe at MCI
Beneficiaries Students pursuing in Master’s
Eligibility criteria Masters pursuing students (All Nationals)
Application deadline By March 31, 2022
Official website

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Objectives

  • Students from around the world will be able to enjoy academic education at the highest level through the MCI’s provision of numerous external lecturers from various corporations and businesses.
  • Integrated theory and practice are at the heart of MCI’s research.
  • By participating in this program, students are able to gain a deeper understanding of Sustainable Development Goals and become more involved in them.

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Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship 2022 Benefits

  • European master’s degrees are available to students.
  • As a Master’s student, you will have the opportunity to extend your knowledge and advance your skills in relevant areas.
  • In addition to business administration, computer science, law, health, and social sciences, prospective students may choose from a variety of Master’s programs available.
  • A study course in technology and life sciences is also offered at the Entrepreneurial School.
  • Process, machine, electrical, and energy engineering are taught in these courses.
  • If applicants can convincingly communicate their motivation for choosing more than one study program, they are welcome to apply simultaneously.

Amount of Scholarship

A scholarship of 10,000 Euros will be awarded to the applicants.
In addition to the scholarship amount, any other expenses like travel, lodging, etc. will not be covered by the scholarship.

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Selection Process

Based on the selection criteria mentioned above, applications will evaluated in two stages:

  • Applications will be shortlist in a pre-selection round.
  • Applicants who have shortlisted will be invite to interview with a jury made up of jurors from the Ban Ki-Moon Center and MCI.
  • Weighing factors used to make the final decision.
  • 50% of the documents submitted.
  • A jury interview is 50% of the process.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Non-EU nationals are eligible for all master’s programs
  • All nationalities are eligible for Executive Master’s programs
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) engaged and committed students who want to promote and engage with them during their studies.
  • This program is available to freshmen who have to pay the current annual tuition fee.

Required Documents

  • Copy of submitted application to MCI masters programs.
  • Written application and CV
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Motivation letter with SDG aims
  • Language proficiency
  • Documented engagement in SDG.

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Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Application Process

  • In order to apply for the Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship 2022, applicants must first visit the scholarship’s official website.
  • Once you click the “Apply now” button on the home page, you’ll be take to the application page.
  • Here are the details you need to provide when registering:
    Written application and CV,
    Undergraduate degree,
    Documented Engagement in SDG,
    Motivation letter with SDG aims,
    Language Proficiency,
    Study program,
    Email address.
  • Click on the submit button once you have filled out all these details correctly.
  • The application procedure will be complete once you click the submit button.

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