Embo postdoctoral fellowship 2023: check Benefits, Eligibility, Duration, Funding, Deadline, Selection Criteria and Application Details

EMBO is offering fully funded fellowships to post-doctoral researchers in the field of science. These prestigious fellowships span up to two years and provide opportunities to conduct research in laboratories across Europe and the world.

The recipients of this fellowship will enjoy various benefits, including a salary or stipend, a relocation allowance, and support for fellows with children. Additionally, awardees gain access to attend an EMBO Laboratory Leadership course and become part of the esteemed global network of EMBO Fellows.

Embo postdoctoral fellowship Benefits

  • EMBO provides grants to the host institution to cover the employment contract cost for the awardee. This includes employer’s social contributions, awardee’s social contributions, taxes as per national and local regulations, and the net salary of the recipient.
  • The fellowship does not cover bench fees, overheads, or financial benefits for the host supervisor or receiving institute. The grant rate varies based on the destination country.
  • Fellows with children under six years of age can receive support for childcare costs up to €2,500 per fellowship year per child, prorated based on the period incurring childcare expenses.
  • A relocation allowance is available to cover travel costs of up to €5,000 for the fellow and their family to and from the host institute.

Embo postdoctoral fellowship Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must hold a doctorate degree or equivalent at the beginning of the fellowship.
  • Those who obtained their Ph.D. within the two years prior to the application date are eligible to apply.
  • At least one first-author publication accepted or published in an international peer-reviewed journal is required at the time of application.
  • All applications must involve mobility between countries, as outlined in the EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships guidelines.
  • Applications to return to the country where the Ph.D. was obtained will not be considered.
  • Reapplying to a laboratory where the candidate worked for more than six months, whether in one or multiple visits, is not permitted.
  • Applications to work with the candidate’s Ph.D. supervisor or in the same laboratory are not considered, regardless of the supervisor’s location.
  • Candidates currently working in the host laboratory can apply only if they have been there for less than six months at the time of application.
  • Candidates may only submit one application for one project at one host laboratory per selection round.
  • Reapplication is allowed only once.

Embo postdoctoral Fellowship Duration

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships are typically awarded for a two-year period, although applicants can request shorter durations, with the minimum being one year. Fellowships must be commenced within one calendar year from the relevant evaluation cut-off.

Embo postdoctoral fellowship Funding

The main components of the scholarship funding include the following benefits:

  1. Salaried Contract: The host institution receives a grant to issue a salaried contract to the fellow, covering both the wage and social security payments, as mandated by national and local laws and regulations.
  2. Travel and Relocation Allowance: A travel allowance is provided to cover the costs of transportation for the fellow and their family to the host institution. Additionally, a relocation allowance assists with the expenses incurred during the transition to the new location.
  3. Lab Leadership Training and Networking: Recipients gain access to specialized training in lab leadership and become part of the vast network of EMBO Fellows, opening up opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  4. Childcare Support: Fellows with children under their care can claim support for incurred childcare costs, alleviating financial burdens during the scholarship period.

Embo postdoctoral fellowship Deadline

Duration: The scholarship is awarded for a duration of up to 24 months, with the minimum duration being 12 months.

Application Deadlines: Applications are accepted year-round, with two cut-off dates: the second Friday of February and the second Friday of August. Applicants are advised to review the application guidelines to determine their specific deadline.

Embo postdoctoral fellowship Selection Criteria

Applications are initially reviewed by the EMBO Fellowships Office for completeness and eligibility. Eligible applications are then sent to the Fellowship Committee for pre-screening, where approximately 30% of applicants are selected for an interview. During pre-screening, the Committee evaluates a condensed application form, focusing on the applicant’s scientific achievements, significant publications, proposed research, choice of host lab, and reference and acceptance letters.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a personal or video interview. If in-person or video interviews are not feasible, written evaluations will be conducted. The Fellowship Committee evaluates applications based on the applicant’s previous scientific achievements, the novelty and biological significance of the proposed research, and the appropriateness of the host laboratory for research and training.

The final outcome of the selection process is typically announced within 14 to 16 weeks after the evaluation deadline and will be made available on the EMBO website.

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships 2023 Application

To initiate the application process for the EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships, follow these essential steps:

  1. Online Application System: Only applications and supporting documents, including two references and the acceptance letter from the receiving institute, are accepted via the online application system. Ensure that you have access to the online platform to proceed with your application.
  2. Read FAQs and Guidelines: Thoroughly review the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and the EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships guidelines before starting your application. Familiarizing yourself with these resources will help you understand the requirements and expectations.
  3. Complete All Required Information: Ensure that you provide all the necessary information during the application process. Your application cannot be considered complete without the two reference letters and the acceptance letter from the receiving institute.
  4. Reference Date for Eligibility and Evaluation: The date when candidates confirm that their application is complete, according to Central European (summer) Time (CE(S)T), serves as the reference date for eligibility and evaluation purposes.

By carefully following these steps and adhering to the guidelines, you can successfully apply for the EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships and maximize your chances of securing this prestigious opportunity.

About EMBO

EMBO is a prestigious organization comprising more than 1800 leading researchers, dedicated to fostering excellence in life sciences across Europe and beyond. Its primary objectives include supporting talented researchers at all stages of their careers, facilitating the exchange of scientific knowledge, and creating a research environment where scientists can thrive and achieve their best work.

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