Check Post Graduate Merit Scholarship 2023 for University Rank Holders, eligibilty, documents and Apply online

For postgraduate students who have excelled in their recent academic pursuits, the Post Graduation Merit scholarship presents a golden opportunity. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders, including eligibility criteria and a step-by-step application guide. If you are aspiring to apply for this prestigious scholarship, read on for all the essential details.

PG Scholarship 2023

The PG Scholarship is a distinguished scholarship program designed to recognize and support individuals who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance at the university level.

Rank holders are awarded specific scholarship amounts to facilitate their further studies after successfully completing their postgraduate education. This scholarship is a significant boon for those aspiring to pursue advanced studies following their postgraduate degree. To apply for this scholarship, visit the National Scholarship Portal.

Name PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders 2023
Launched by Central Government
Objective Providing scholarship of Rupees 3000 per month
Beneficiaries Post-graduation students
Official site PG Scholarship

PG Scholarship 2023 Last date

  • Scholarship Closing Date: To be announced
  • Last Date for Defect Verification: To be announced
  • Last Date for Institute Verification: To be announced

Benefits of PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders

Recipients of this scholarship enjoy the following advantages:

  • Fellowship Amount: Rs. 3,100/- per month for a period of two years, covering the entire duration of a postgraduate course.
  • No additional grants are payable, including hostel and medical charges.
  • Scholarship recipients are not restricted from accepting other scholarships.

PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be below 30 years of age.
  • Enrollment in a postgraduate course from an affiliated university (central/state), deemed universities, private universities, 25 autonomous colleges, or non-affiliated colleges.
  • The applicant must be a rank holder (1st or 2nd position) in the previous graduation examination.
  • Graduation completed in one of the following disciplines: Life sciences, physical sciences, chemical sciences, earth sciences, mathematical sciences, social sciences, commerce, or languages.
  • A minimum of 60% marks in the previous graduation examination.

Disbursement of PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders

The disbursement process for this scholarship is as follows:

  • After selection, scholarship funds are transferred via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode.
  • The list of awardees is submitted to the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).
  • PFMS generates payment files for awardees, and scholarships are paid annually throughout the duration of the postgraduate course.

PG Scholarship Renewal 2023

To renew the scholarship, follow this procedure:

  • Scholarships granted under this scheme are renewed during the postgraduate course, subject to good conduct and maintaining the prescribed attendance.
  • The scholarship is renewed for the next year upon submission of the renewal form.
  • Scholars who do not advance to the next class or level will forfeit the scholarship.
  • Changing the course of study is not permitted.
  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) oversees the implementation and monitoring of the scheme.
  • Awardees from previous years continue to receive assistance through designated Canara Bank branches, following the UGC pattern.

Cancellation of Scholarship

A scholarship may be canceled under the following circumstances:

  • Reported misconduct by the awardee.
  • Unsatisfactory progress report (scoring less than 60% marks in the first year of the Master’s program).

Post Graduate Merit Scholarship Documents

To apply for this scholarship, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Attested copy of the university’s undergraduate degree.
  • Matriculation certificate.
  • Verification certificate issued by the institute where the student has enrolled in the postgraduate program.
  • Scanned copy of the Aadhaar card/enrollment.

Post Graduate Merit Scholarship 2023 online Application

To apply for this scholarship, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the National Scholarship Portal by clicking the provided link.
  2. Register yourself by selecting “New Registration.”
  3. Read and understand the guidelines carefully.
  4. Tick the declaration.
  5. Fill in the registration form.
  6. Successfully register.
  7. Log in using your credentials.
  8. Choose your desired scholarship.
  9. Complete the application form.
  10. Upload the necessary documents.
  11. Submit your application.

Renewal Procedure

To renew your scholarship, follow the steps mentioned earlier, ensuring the submission of the renewal form and related documents.

National Scholarship Portal Mobile number Update

To update your mobile number, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the National Scholarship Portal.
  2. Select “Renewal Login” and “Update Your Mobile Number.”
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. Verify and continue.

Viewing Scheme Eligibility

To check scheme eligibility, visit the National Scholarship Portal and select “Scheme Eligibility” under the Services option.

Expert Editorial comment

The introduction of the PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders 2023 is a laudable initiative that rewards academic excellence and provides invaluable support for postgraduate students. Scholarships like these play a pivotal role in promoting higher education and empowering deserving students to pursue their dreams.

This scholarship is not only about financial assistance but also about recognizing and nurturing talent. It highlights the importance of academic achievement and encourages students to strive for excellence in their chosen fields of study.

The eligibility criteria are well-defined, emphasizing the importance of previous academic performance and commitment to continued education. The scholarship’s renewal and cancellation policies are both fair and motivating, ensuring that students remain dedicated to their studies and maintain high standards of performance.

The use of the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode for disbursement reflects the government’s commitment to transparency and efficiency in scholarship distribution, reducing bureaucracy and ensuring timely support for students.

As we navigate the complexities of higher education, scholarships like these can make a substantial difference in students’ lives. They ease the financial burden and allow students to concentrate on their studies, fostering a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

The step-by-step application process outlined in the article simplifies the path for prospective applicants, making the scholarship accessible to those who deserve it most.

Overall, the PG Scholarship for University Rank Holders is not just an investment in education but an investment in the future of our nation. It supports bright minds, encourages academic excellence, and ultimately contributes to the development of a more educated and prosperous society.

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