Get Paid to Study Abroad: Apply Now for the Pepsi Scholarship 2023!

The PepsiCo Foundation Community has introduced the Pepsi Scholarship, providing opportunities for international students pursuing UG and PG degrees to avail of scholarship benefits. Through direct benefit transfer mode, eligible beneficiaries will receive the scholarship amount directly into their bank accounts.

In this article, we will present comprehensive information about the Pepsi Scholarship 2023, including its purpose, eligibility criteria, benefits, features, and essential documents. Additionally, we will guide you through the online application process. Read on to discover how you can take advantage of this scholarship initiative.

Pepsi Scholarship 2023

The Pepsi Scholarship aims to address financial barriers that prevent many students from pursuing higher education abroad. By covering eight subsidiary scholarship initiatives, international students from various beneficiary categories can apply for the scholarship that suits their needs.

Mode Of Transfer DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanism e-payment mechanism
Form of Benefit Scholarship amount
Scholarship Renewal 50% to 60% marks in the previous year’s examination
Attendance Record 75%
Amount of benefit Variable Assistance
Transferral Basis Monthly or Yearly Basis
Hosting Site National Information Center (NIC)
Mode Of Application Online


One of the primary objectives of the Pepsi Scholarship is to provide financial support and education opportunities to deserving students aspiring to join higher education courses. Meritorious students with outstanding academic records will be given priority, fostering the development of their talents and skills.

Another key objective is to provide scholarships to international students, enabling them to enroll in colleges or universities offering courses based on their interests, even when faced with high tuition fees. The scholarship will ease the burden of fee payments for these students.

Pepsi Scholarship Scholarships List

Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust and Growth Scholarship Pepsi Service Scholarship
PepsiCo’s ExCEL Scholarship Phi Theta Kappa Pepsi Transfer Student Scholarship
Public Affairs Pepsi Cola Scholarship Pepsi Scholarship
Pepsi Academic Scholarship Funding Pepsi Bottling Group Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria 
Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust and Growth Scholarship The applicant must be a student who has passed his or her education from High School Education and must be taken admission to the MBA degree under the empanelled universities listed by this foundation.
PepsiCo’s ExCEL Scholarship The parents of the applicant must be a serving employees of PepsiCo holding a full-time or regular time job.
Public Affairs Pepsi Cola Scholarship The student must be pursuing education or studies from the Missouri State University pursuing studies in the field of Public Affairs.
Pepsi Service Scholarship The applicant must be a student of Nebraska Lincoln holding community service and extra circular activities.
Phi Theta Kappa Pepsi Transfer Student Scholarship The student must be a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and must be pursuing education at the University of Nebraska.
Pepsi Scholarship The student must belong to the Oklahoma Region and be an applicant of High School Graduate.
Pepsi Academic Scholarship Funding The student must be a resident of the Columbia District and have enrolled in Food Services/ Hospitality/Culinary Arts/recreation/tourism and Parks and have 250 Hours of working experience in the Hospitality or Hotel Sector pursuing a full-time degree.
Pepsi Bottling Group Scholarship The applicant must be a student of Marley State College or Technical School.

Eligible Degrees and Additional Facilities

The Pepsi Scholarship covers a range of eligible degrees, including undergraduate, postgraduate, technical, and business-based degrees. The scholarship initiative also offers additional facilities such as internships, apprenticeships, and job placements.

Variable Assistance and Direct Benefit Transfer

Selected students will receive variable scholarship amounts in US currency, depending on the scholarship initiative they are enrolled in. The scholarship amount will be directly transferred to the student’s bank account as specified in their application form.

Pepsi Scholarship Benefits

The Pepsi Scholarship offers numerous benefits to students, including access to various courses and degrees through registration under the scholarship program. Students can choose from the eight subsidiary scholarship initiatives and apply for admission to designated universities. The entire course fee will be covered by the government, and eligible students may receive an annual scholarship amount of $2,000 under the Phi Theta Kappa Pepsi Transfer Student Scholarship. The application process for PepsiCo’s ExCEL Scholarship will open in November 2022. Children of PepsiCo employees will also receive special scholarship preferences for college admissions.

Pepsi Scholarship Amount

Scholarship Form of Benefit  Beneficiaries Amount of Benefit 
Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust and Growth Scholarship Scholarships will be provided to students who want to pursue degrees in business or economics Students undertaking BBA and MBA degrees US $ 5000/-
PepsiCo’s ExCEL Scholarship Children of Full time and part-time workers will be given the scholarships High Graduation School Students US $ 5000/-
Public Affairs Pepsi Cola Scholarship College students will be given a scholarship amount for pursuing their studies Students undertaking UG or BA degrees US $ 5000/-
Pepsi Service Scholarship Students who are there in their 1st Year of college-based studies will be given the scholarship amounts Students pursuing UG or BA degree US $ 1000/-
Phi Theta Kappa Pepsi Transfer Student Scholarship Scholarships or financial help will be provided to the students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Students of the University of Nebraska US $ 2000/-
Pepsi Scholarship Students of the Oklahoma Region will be offered the scholarship incentives High School Graduate Students Fully Funded
Pepsi Academic Scholarship Funding Merit-based and need-based scholarships will be provided here Students pursuing degrees in the hospitality industry Merit-Based = US $ 3000/-

Need-Based = US $ 500/-

Pepsi Bottling Group Scholarship Students in technical fields will be given scholarships to apply Students of Marley State college University or Technical School US $ 10,000/-


The scholarship presents opportunities for students to pursue academic studies in the field of Public Affairs, fostering the growth of their leadership and community service skills.

Pepsi Scholarship Features

The PepsiCo Foundation Community has launched the Pepsi Scholarship exclusively for international students, encompassing eight subsidiary scholarship initiatives and affiliated universities. Scholarship amounts will be provided on a yearly or monthly basis, varying based on the selected subsidiary scholarship plan. Students enrolled in the Quaker, Tropicana & Gatorade Quality, Trust, and Growth Scholarship may receive $5,000, while members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society may be awarded $2,000 under the Phi Theta Kappa Pepsi Transfer Student Scholarship. For more information, visit the official website. The Pepsi Service Scholarship Competition platform encourages active student participation.

Pepsi Scholarship Documents

To apply online for the Pepsi Scholarship, applicants must submit essential documents, including a passport copy, CV, motivation letter, and GRE reports like IELTS or TOEFL.

Pepsi Scholarship 2023 online apply

Stay tuned for updates on the online application process for the Pepsi Scholarship. As soon as relevant information becomes available, we will update this article.

For more details, visit the Pepsi Portal.

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