Check PM Kisan Next Installment Date 2023

The PM-Kisan Scheme has been instrumental in providing timely financial aid to farmers, enabling them to cover agricultural expenses, plan crops effectively, and enhance productivity. The next installment for eligible farmers is expected in the last week of July 2023. Farmers can check the status of their installment on the official website


PM Kisan Next Installment 2023

Farmers can expect the PM Kisan Next Installment 2023 in their bank accounts by the last week of July 2023. The payments will be automatically transferred to accounts linked to their Aadhaar Card. The entire process is transparent and aims to benefit farmers across the country.

Installment PM Kisan Yojana Next Installment
Scheme Government
Country India
Installment Amount 2000
Total amount (Annual Instillment) 6000
Expected Installment Release Date Last Week July 2023
Official Website

PM Kisan Installment Release Date 2023

As of now, the government has not announced any changes to the scheme. Farmers can expect the 14th installment by the last week of July 2023. To receive the installment through direct bank transfer, farmers must link their bank accounts with Aadhar Card. The PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana provides direct financial support to qualified farmers in three installments. installment Amount

The PM-Kisan scheme offers a yearly income supplement of Rs. 6000. This amount is distributed in three equal installments of Rs. 2000 each, disbursed every four months. The recipient receives the funds through direct bank transfer into their Aadhaar-seeded account. Farmers without DBT-enabled bank accounts connected to Aadhaar and NPCI accounts can receive the installment at their nearest post office.

Benefits of PM Kisan

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme has significantly improved the socio-economic conditions of farmers. The installment has:

  • Helped improve financial conditions and living standards.
  • Enabled farmers to meet household, educational, and healthcare expenses.
  • Empowered farmers to invest in the well-being of their families.

Eligibility Criteria for PM-Kisan 2023

To be eligible for the PM-Kisan scheme, farmers must fulfill certain criteria:

  • Be a resident of India with valid identity documents.
  • Own cultivable land with a maximum landholding of 2 hectares.
  • Possess valid land records to establish eligibility.
  • Hold an Aadhaar card linked to their bank account. Aadhar Card Update 2023

To update Aadhaar information for the PM-Kisan installment, follow these steps on the official website:

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Farmer Corner” from the home page.
  3. Choose the ‘Edit Aadhaar Failure Records’ option.
  4. Enter farmer number, bank account number, mobile number, and Aadhaar card number.
  5. Update the necessary information and click “Update.”

PM Kisan Direct Transfer

The installment payments are directly transferred to farmers’ bank accounts, linked with Aadhaar and relevant documents. This transparent process minimizes corruption and intermediaries, ensuring funds reach the beneficiaries. The scheme’s popularity has resulted in positive changes in rural areas, with increased agricultural productivity and income levels for small and marginal farmers. Farmers have been able to invest in modern farming techniques, quality seeds, advanced machinery, and improved irrigation facilities, thanks to the financial assistance provided by the PM-Kisan installment.

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