Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship 2023: check documents, eligibility, last date and online Application process

Vardhaman Foundation, in a bid to promote higher education, has launched the Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship 2023-24. Tailored for students pursuing diploma and ITI courses after classes 10th and 12th, this scholarship provides financial assistance, ensuring that education remains accessible. This article delves into the details of the scholarship, including objectives, eligibility, benefits, application process, and more.

Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship: A Brief Overview

Vardhaman Textile Limited introduces the Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswald scholarship, offering a financial boost to students pursuing diploma and ITI courses. With a commitment to enhancing accessibility to education, the foundation provides a one-time grant of Rs 20,000, aiming to cover academic expenses and improve the standard of living for the beneficiaries.

Key Highlights of Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship 2023-24

  • Name of the Scheme: Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship 2023-24 Apply Now
  • Launched by: Vardhman Foundation
  • Beneficiary: Students
  • Objective: To provide Scholarship
  • Official Website: Vardhman Foundation
  • Year: 2023

Objective of Vardhman Foundation Scholarship: Bridging Financial Gaps for Education

The primary objective of the Vardhman Foundation Scholarship is to provide financial assistance for students pursuing higher education. The scheme offers a financial grant of up to Rs 20,000, directly benefiting the recipients and alleviating the financial burden associated with academic pursuits.

Eligibility Criteria: Opening Doors for Diploma and ITI Pursuers

  • Course Eligibility: Students enrolled in any year of diploma/ITI courses after Class 10 and/or 12 are eligible.
  • Academic Requirement: Applicants must secure a minimum of 50% marks in Class 10 and/or 12 examinations.
  • Income Limit: Annual family income should not exceed Rs 6,00,000 from all sources.
  • Preference: Applicants from Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh receive first preference.
  • Exclusion: Children of Vardhman Textiles Limited and Buddy4Study employees are ineligible.

Important Dates: Application Window and Last Date to Apply

  • Application Period: October 2023
  • Closing Date: 30 November 2023

Reward Details and Selection Procedure

  • Financial Assistance: A fixed scholarship grant of Rs 20,000.
  • Selection Process: Applicants are requested to submit their applications online. After verification and approval, the benefit amount is credited to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Benefits of Vardhman Foundation Scholarship: Empowering Education and Beyond

  • Launched by Vardhaman Foundation, the scholarship provides financial assistance to beneficiaries.
  • A one-time financial grant of Rs 20,000 directly credited to the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • Encourages students to pursue education by reducing financial barriers.
  • Contributes to reducing the illiteracy rate and improving the standard of living.

Required Documents: Ensuring a Smooth Application Process

  • Passport-size photograph of the applicant
  • Marksheets of Class 10 and/or 12/previous year
  • Government-issued address proof (Aadhaar Card)
  • Valid and recent family income proof
  • Current year admission proof
  • Bank account details of the applicant (or parent)

How to Apply for Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship 2023-24

  1. Visit Buddy4Study’s official page.
  2. Click on “Apply Now” on the homepage.
  3. Enter the required details on the redirected page.
  4. Upload all necessary documents.
  5. Click on “Submit” to complete the application process.

Contact Details

Expert Comment: Chhatravritti.bharat , an education expert, comments, “The Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship is a pivotal step towards democratizing education. By offering financial support, it empowers students, contributing not only to their academic journey but also to societal progress.”

In conclusion, the Vardhman Foundation Shakun Oswal Scholarship stands as a beacon of educational empowerment, providing a pathway for diploma and ITI pursuers to realize their academic aspirations.

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