Talentsprint Scholarship 2023 Online Application, Eligibility, Benefits, Documents and full details

Talentsprint, an esteemed organization, has introduced the groundbreaking Talentsprint Scholarship program, designed to empower and support girls and women pursuing B.E. or B.Tech degrees.

This initiative aims to pave the way for women to excel as world-class software engineers, bridging gender gaps and promoting inclusivity in the field. The scholarship encompasses the program fee and lucrative cash rewards, ensuring an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring female engineers.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into every aspect of the Talentsprint Scholarship 2023, including its objectives, eligibility criteria, benefits, features, and essential documentation. Additionally, we outline the step-by-step process for seamless online application, guiding you through this transformative scholarship opportunity.

Talentsprint Scholarship 2023

The Talentsprint Scholarship emerges as a beacon of educational equality, empowering women to access the same educational opportunities as their male counterparts. By providing financial support, this scholarship eliminates gender-based barriers and facilitates access to B.Tech and B.E. degrees.

Exceptional female students are eligible for a 100% scholarship, ensuring they can fully focus on their academic pursuits. Notably, the scholarship opens doors to the Women Engineers (WE) program, an immersive 24-month online and interactive course that propels participants into the world of software engineering.

Beneficiary Category Girl Students
Offered Degrees B.Tech or B.E
No. Of Offered Degrees 2
Offered Course Women Engineers
Minimum Cut-Off Marks 70% Marks (Class 10th & 12th)
Mode of Transfer DBT
Payment Mechanism E-Payment Mechanism
Form of Benefit Scholarship Amount
Amount of Benefit Rs. 1 Lakh
Scholarship Tenure 2 Year
Delegated Cohorts Cohorts 1st to Cohort 4th
Selection Parameters Merit Records & Annual Income Limit
No. of Selection Parameters 2
Transferable Type One Time Payment

Objectives of the Talentsprint Scholarship

The primary aim of launching the Talentsprint Scholarship is to bridge the gender gap in technical education. By granting deserving female students the means to pursue B.Tech and B.E. degrees, the scholarship strives to create a more diverse and inclusive engineering landscape. A key objective is to offer a complete scholarship fee along with enticing cash rewards, paving the way for women applicants to evolve into top-tier software engineers through the Women Engineers program. Aspiring candidates can submit their online applications until March 4th, 2023.

Talentsprint Scholarship 2023 Last Date

Conduction of Aptitude Test 25th February to 5th March 2023
Conduction of English Language Test 28th February to 8th March 2023
Conduction of Coding Test 3rd March to 11th March 2023
Conduction of Interview Stage 5th March to 15th March 2023

Talentsprint Scholarship Eligibility

This esteemed scholarship caters exclusively to female applicants who meet specific beneficiary criteria. To be eligible, applicants must be pursuing their first year of a B.E. or B.Tech degree from a recognized college or university. Academic excellence is a prerequisite, with candidates required to have achieved at least 70% marks in their class 12th examination. This stringent selection process ensures that only the most dedicated and promising female students are granted this transformative opportunity.

The Women Engineers Program

Supported by Google, the Women Engineers program stands as a testament to the scholarship’s commitment to fostering excellence in female engineering talents. This immersive 24-month program equips participants with the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to excel in the software engineering field. Open to female students in their first year of engineering studies, this program promises a dynamic learning experience that shapes the future of women in technology.

Talentsprint Scholarship Benefits

The Talentsprint Scholarship redefines educational access for women in engineering, offering a multitude of benefits:

  • Empowerment for technical education pursuits
  • 100% scholarship coverage for selected female students
  • Approval of over 730 scholarship applications by the selection body
  • Entry to the Women Engineers program for first-year engineering female students
  • Registration organized into four cohorts, with each cohort consisting of 200 scholarship recipients

Talentsprint Scholarship details

This scholarship initiative is characterized by several key features:

  • Introduction of the Talentsprint Scholarship by the esteemed organization
  • Exclusive availability for female students
  • Opportunity to pursue B.E. and B.Tech degrees from recognized Indian institutions
  • Comprehensive coverage of program fees, training, mentorship, and more
  • Overwhelming response, with around 7800 applications received, culminating in 730 deserving scholarship recipients
  • Application window open until March 4th, 2023

Talentsprint Scholarship 2023 Documents

To apply for this prestigious scholarship, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Citizenship: Indian
  • Gender: Female
  • Enrollment: First year of B.Tech or B.E. degree
  • Academic Performance: Minimum of 70% marks in class 10th or 12th examinations

Required documents for application include:

  • Mark sheets from class 10th and 12th
  • JEE Main or JEE Advanced scores
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Any additional relevant documents

Talentsprint Scholarship 2023 Online Application Process

Embarking on your journey to secure the Talentsprint Scholarship is simplified through the following steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website.
  2. Navigate to the homepage.
  3. Click the “Apply Now” button in the top right corner.
  4. Complete the application form with the requested details, including first name, last name, email, and mobile number.
  5. Confirm agreement with the provided declaration lines.
  6. Click “Get OTP.”
  7. Proceed to the next form and furnish the required information.

Through the Talentsprint Scholarship, an innovative and transformative opportunity awaits aspiring female engineers, paving the way for a future of excellence and empowerment. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative. Apply before the closing date on March 4th, 2023.

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