SOF Girl Child Scholarship 2023: check Eligibility, Rewards, last date and Application Process

The SOF Girl Child Scholarship Scheme (GCSS) 2023 is an annual scholarship program designed to support girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in continuing their school education. Through this initiative, 300 deserving girls will be chosen to receive financial aid of Rs. 5,000 each for a full year. The selection of successful candidates will be based on nominations received from schools across India, who are required to submit nomination forms along with the prospectus.

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is a registered organization dedicated to promoting healthy competition and fostering the development of a competitive spirit among school children. Founded by esteemed academicians, scientists, and media personalities, SOF has been actively promoting scientific attitude and proficiency in science, mathematics, computer knowledge, English skills, general knowledge, and professional courses for over two decades. The organization combines innovation and the use of information technology in the learning process, creating a conducive environment for educational growth.

SOF Girl Child Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the SOF Girl Child Scholarship Scheme (GCSS) 2023, the following criteria must be met:

  • Recommendation by the School: The girl child must be recommended by her school.
  • Grade Level: The nominated girl must be studying in class 2nd to 10th.
  • Academic Performance: The nominated girl should have achieved a minimum aggregate of 60% marks in the previous academic year.
  • Parental Income: The total monthly income of the nominated girl’s parents should not exceed Rs. 15,000.

SOF Girl Child Scholarship 2023 Rewards

A total of 300 selected girl children across India will receive a scholarship amount of INR 5,000 each to support their education.

SOF Girl Child Scholarship (GCSS) 2023 Application Process

To apply for the SOF Girl Child Scholarship Scheme (GCSS) 2023, schools must follow these steps:

  1. Nomination and Recommendation: A school can select a girl child who meets the eligibility criteria and recommend her for consideration for the GCSS program. The proposal should be signed by the School Principal/Head Master/Head Mistress.
  2. Submission: The duly filled proposal, in the specified format (enclosed), along with all required attachments and a copy of the girl’s previous year’s report card certified by the principal, should be sent to the National Office of Science Olympiad Foundation at the following address: 1st Floor, Plot no. 99, Sector – 44, Gurgaon (Haryana) India, Pin-122003, before the last date of application.

Selection Procedure for SOF Girl Child Scholarship Scheme (GCSS) 2023

All proposals received by the National Office of Science Olympiad Foundation will be thoroughly evaluated by a dedicated committee. Qualifying candidates will be notified individually and through their respective schools. The decision of the SOF Committee will be final and binding.

SOF Girl Child Scholarship (GCSS) 2023 last date

  • Last Date for Recommendation Application: October 30th, at the National Office of Science.
  • Each school can recommend only one girl child based on the provided eligibility criteria.
  • To be eligible for the second installment of GCSS, the girl must submit a copy of her 1st term assessment report duly certified by the principal after attempting the first term examinations.
  • The marks criteria may be waived for a child with a significant physical disability.
  • In case of any disputes, the jurisdiction will lie with Delhi courts.
  • The scholarship amount and number of students may vary over time. Individuals and schools are advised to check the official website of SOF for the latest updates.

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to empower deserving girls and pave the way for their bright and promising future. The SOF Girl Child Scholarship Scheme (GCSS) 2023 is here to make a difference.

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