Scholarship for J&K students: Amritsar Group of Colleges announces Scholarship 2023

Scholarship for J&K students: In a remarkable announcement, Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC) in Amritsar has unveiled a special scholarship program specifically designed for students from Jammu and Kashmir. During a press conference held at the Press Club in Jammu, Gaurav Tejpal, the Dean of Campus Relations, shared the institute’s objective for the upcoming Admission Session of 2023-2024. He expressed the institute’s unwavering support and admiration for the students from Jammu and Kashmir, acknowledging their exceptional talent and potential for success. Notably, AGC takes great pride in revealing that over 662 students from Jammu and Kashmir have already enrolled in various courses offered by the college.

Fee structure

Highlighting the range of scholarship schemes available, Tejpal explained that AGC has introduced a special fee structure to assist Jammu and Kashmir students, considering the current circumstances. This initiative has proven beneficial for both parents and students. In continuation of this legacy, AGC will continue to offer scholarships for students seeking admission in the upcoming 2023-2024 session.

Furthermore, students belonging to the SC/ST category who aspire to enroll in Amritsar Group of Colleges can register through the J&K Social Welfare Department. Tejpal emphasized that the institute is currently accepting applications from these students. AGC also extends scholarships to meritorious students and accepts applications through various scholarship schemes, including AICTE-PMSSS, AICTE Pragati scholarship scheme, AICTE Saksham scholarship scheme, and more.

Dr. Tejpal shared his perspective on AGC, highlighting its accreditation by NAAC Grade ‘A’ in the third cycle under the Autonomous category. He proudly declared that Amritsar Group of Colleges has been a prominent provider of quality higher education at both the national and international levels for the past 22 years.

To stay in tune with the current market trends, AGC has established a dedicated department for International Collaboration. Dr. Tejpal emphasized that this department caters to the needs of students seeking international internships and further studies abroad. Collaborative programs such as (2+2 and 3+1) with renowned international universities are also facilitated. Through these collaborations, AGC has successfully arranged various services, including international internships and semester exchange programs in countries like Canada, Dubai, the USA, and Germany.

Amritsar Group of Colleges is not only committed to providing quality education but also strives to create opportunities for students to explore global prospects and gain invaluable experiences on their educational journey.

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