OBC Scholarship 2024: Check last date, documents, Eligibility and Application Procedure

The central government introduces the OBC scholarship scheme, a beacon of hope for students from other backward classes.

Aimed at mitigating financial barriers, the scheme provides scholarships at various levels, covering educational fees and offering up to Rs 25,000.

The online application process via the official website ensures accessibility, empowering students to pursue education independently and reducing the dropout rate among the OBC category.

A strategic move by the Government of India to enhance literacy rates and contribute to the nation’s human resource development.

OBC Scholarship 2024

  • Name: OBC Scholarship 2024
  • Launched by: Various Departments
  • Objective: Providing financial funds
  • Beneficiaries: OBC category students
  • Official site: OBC

Objective of OBC Scholarship 2024

  • The OBC Scholarship aims to uplift individuals from backward castes by providing educational opportunities through scholarships.
  • Listed on the National Scholarship Portal, the scheme encourages OBC students to pursue higher education, contributing to the development of responsible human resources.
  • The initiative extends beyond borders, offering opportunities for students to study abroad with additional resources in the form of scholarships.

List Of Scholarships

Various scholarships under the OBC scheme cater to different needs and levels of education.

  • Central Sector Scheme for National Overseas by the Government
  • Merit Scholarship for OBC Students (Delhi) by Delhi Government
  • National fellowship for OBC by the Government
  • ONGC Scholarship by Oil and Gas Corporate Limited
  • Post-matric Scholarship by All-State Governments
  • Pre-matric Scholarship by All-State Governments

Important Dates

Stay informed about the application periods for each scholarship, crucial for OBC students looking to benefit from financial assistance.

Name of the Scholarship Scholarship Slots/ Application Period (Tentative)
Central Sector Scheme for National Overseas Updated Soon
Merit Scholarship for OBC Students (Delhi) Updated Soon
National fellowship for OBC Updated Soon
ONGC Scholarship Updated Soon
Post-matric Scholarship Updated Soon
Pre-matric Scholarship Updated Soon

Details Of The Scholarships

Gain insights into the specifics of various scholarships under the OBC scheme.

    • Central Sector Scheme for National Overseas:
      • Focuses on selected OBC students pursuing Master’s or Ph.D. abroad.
      • Fields include Engineering, Management, Agricultural Science, and Medicine.
      • Offers fellowships, allowances, and benefits for successful candidates.
    • Merit Scholarship for OBC Students (Delhi):
      • Provides merit-based scholarships for OBC students in classes 6th to 12th and professionals.
      • Divided into pre-matric, post-matric, and merit-cum-means categories.
      • Offers allowances based on groups and courses.
    • National fellowship for OBC:
      • Initiative of the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India.
      • Aids OBC students pursuing M.Phil. and Ph.D., offering fellowships, allowances, and other benefits.
    • ONGC Scholarship:
      • Offers 1000 scholarships to OBC and economically backward general students in their first year of graduation or post-graduation.
      • Provides a maintenance allowance of INR 4,000 per month.
    • Post-matric Scholarship:
      • Aims to provide financial assistance to students in the post-matric or post-secondary stage.
      • Non-refundable fees, study tour charges, and thesis typing covered.
      • Facilitates students pursuing courses in states other than their home state.
    • Pre-matric Scholarship:
      • Motivates OBC students studying at the pre-matric stage in government or private schools.
      • Offers a monthly stipend of up to INR 500 per annum.

Eligibility Criteria

Understand the eligibility criteria for various scholarships under the OBC scheme.

    • Central Sector Scheme for National Overseas, Merit Scholarship, National fellowship, ONGC Scholarship, Post-matric Scholarship, and Pre-matric Scholarship have specific eligibility criteria outlined for applicants.

Rewards Of The Scholarship

Delve into the rewards provided under each scholarship, emphasizing the value and duration.

Application Procedure Under OBC Scholarship

Follow a step-by-step guide on how to apply for different scholarships.

    • Application procedures vary for each scholarship, with online and offline modes available.
    • Visit official websites, fill required details, upload necessary documents, and complete the application process.

Expert Commentary: “Investing in education through the OBC Scholarship is a strategic move to uplift the underprivileged, fostering a generation equipped with knowledge and skills essential for national progress.”

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