National Fellowship for SC online Application, Beneficiary, Last Date, Eligibility Criteria, Contact, Coverage and Duration

The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment has introduced the National Fellowship for Scheduled Castes (SC) with the aim of facilitating students belonging to SC communities in pursuing M.Phil or Ph.D. degrees. This fellowship program will provide financial support, covering various fees associated with the academic journey, including substantial allowances.

This article aims to comprehensively detail the National Fellowship for SC 2023, encompassing its objectives, eligibility criteria, benefits, features, and necessary documentation. Additionally, the step-by-step application procedure for online scholarship application will be outlined to provide clear guidance to prospective applicants.

Benefit Students will be able to carry out their studies
Applicable To Citizens of India
Beneficiaries Students
Beneficiary Category SC Students
Beneficiary Types Ph.D. & M.Phil Degrees
No of Beneficiary Types 2
Eligible Degrees PhD & M.Phil Degrees
No of Eligible Degrees 2
Offered Fields Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Engineering & Technology
No of Offered Fields 4
Mode Of Transfer DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanism e-payment mechanism
Form of Benefit Fellowship amount
Attendance Record 70% Attendance Record
Fellowship Transferral Yearly Basis
Fellowship Amount JRF = Rs. 31,000/-
SRF = Rs. 35,000/-
Contingency Amount Ph.D. & M.Phil Degrees
Fellowship Duration 5 Years
Covered Allowances Fellowship, Contingency & Escort Reader Allowance
No. of Covered Allowances 3
Hosting Site National Information Center (NIC)
Mode Of Application Online

National Fellowship 2023 for SC communities

The fellowship program is designed to financially aid students from SC communities pursuing M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in diverse fields, such as Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Engineering & Technology. Interested candidates can access online registration for the National Fellowship for SC.

This fellowship serves as a means for SC students to embark on their Ph.D. or M.Phil. journey with financial backing. It is exclusive to SC students and encompasses a wide range of fields. The fellowship covers crucial aspects such as stipends, contingency allowances, and reader allowances.

National Fellowship Amount

Fellowship Amount JRF = Rs. 31,000/-
SRF = Rs. 35,000/-
Contingency Grant Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,500/- Per Annum
Escort Reader Grant Rs. 2,000/

Objectives of the National Fellowship

The primary objectives of the National Fellowship for SC are twofold. Firstly, it aims to provide fellowship amounts to enable students to pursue M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees, thereby supporting their educational aspirations. The fellowship duration spans a period of 2 years.

Additionally, the program seeks to award fellowship amounts ranging from Rs. 31,000 to Rs. 35,000 to individuals pursuing Ph.D. and M.Phil. degrees in specified fields. SC students will benefit from social security provisions. Based on performance, the fellowship duration can be extended for an additional 3 years.

National Fellowship Beneficiary Category

Fellowships are exclusively available to students falling within the beneficiary category. Specifically, this fellowship is accessible to students belonging to SC communities and pursuing eligible degrees within the designated fields.

Types of Beneficiaries

There are two categories of beneficiaries:

  1. Junior Research Fellow (JRF)
  2. Senior Research Fellow (SRF)

National Fellowship Eligible Degrees

The following degrees are eligible for online application:

  1. Ph.D. Degree
  2. M.Phil Degree

Fields Covered by the Fellowship

This fellowship encompasses the following fields:

  1. Sciences
  2. Humanities
  3. Social Sciences
  4. Engineering & Technology

Coverage of the National Fellowship

This fellowship covers the following allowances:

  1. Fellowship Allowance
  2. Contingency Allowance
  3. Escorted Reader Allowance

Duration of the National Fellowship

Selected fellows will receive fellowship amounts based on a fixed duration established by the selection committee. The fellowship is granted for a 2-year period, during which the recipients will receive the designated amounts. If warranted by performance, this duration can be extended by an additional 3 years.

National Fellowship 2023 Last Date

Given that this scholarship has recently been launched, the exact deadline for online applications has not yet been announced through social media or other channels. Once the application deadline is established, it will be communicated through updates in this article.

Eligible Institutions The fellowship is applicable to the following institutions:

  1. Central State Universities
  2. State Universities
  3. Deemed Universities

Benefits of the National Fellowship for SC

This fellowship offers the following benefits:

  1. Empowers SC community students with fellowships
  2. Supports pursuit of Ph.D. or M.Phil Degrees
  3. Encompasses diverse fields of study
  4. Allows extension of fellowship duration based on performance
  5. Timely online application before the deadline
  6. 3% of fellowship seats reserved for disabled SC students

National Fellowship SC 2023 Details

Key features of this fellowship include:

  1. Launched by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
  2. Targeted towards students from SC communities
  3. Supports Ph.D. and M.Phil. pursuits
  4. Provides fellowship amounts ranging from Rs. 31,000 to Rs. 35,000 for JRF and SRF
  5. Fellowship duration extends up to a maximum of 5 years
  6. Comprehensive information available on the official website

Eligibility Criteria for the National Fellowship for SC

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Indian citizenship
  2. Belonging to SC community
  3. Pursuing Ph.D. or M.Phil. degree within specified fields
  4. Required Documentation
  5. Essential documents for online application under this fellowship include:
  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Educational Certificates
  • Work Summary (for Ph.D.)
  • Concept Proposal (for Ph.D.)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Ph.D. Degree Certificate (if applicable)
  • NET/SET Certificate (if applicable)
  • Reserved Category Certificate (if applicable)
  • Student’s Identity Card
  • Admission Fee Receipt
  • Previous Year’s Mark Sheet
  • Bank Account Passbook Copy
  • Annual Income Certificate

National Fellowship 2023 Online Application for SC

As this fellowship has recently been introduced, information regarding the application process is yet to be disseminated through social networking resources. Once details regarding the application procedure for the National Fellowship for SC become available, updates will be provided in this article. In the interim, potential applicants are advised to refer to the official website for potential updates.

National Fellowship 2023 Contact details

For clarifications and queries related to the National Fellowship for SC, individuals can reach out using the following contact details:

Office Address: University Grants Commission, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi – 110002

Telephone Number: 011-23360446 Email Address:

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