Former Indian Captain Anjum Chopra Launches Scholarship to Empower Young Female Cricketers

Former Indian women’s team captain, Anjum Chopra, has taken a significant step in supporting and encouraging the development of young and talented female cricketers. In collaboration with PUSH Sports, she has introduced the Anjum Chopra Scholarship, which provides financial support and training opportunities to promising athletes.

Scholarship for female cricketers

The primary goal of the Anjum Chopra Scholarship is to identify and select talented young girls with a passion for cricket from all over India. These girls will receive comprehensive support and guidance to nurture their skills and gain exposure through domestic and international tours.

Anjum Chopra Scholarship amount

The scholarship offers a financial assistance of INR 1 lac per annum (INR 10,000 per month for one year). In addition to the financial support, the selected athletes will have the incredible opportunity to train with top coaches at Push Sports Arenas in India for a duration of 12 months. They will also receive mentorship from Puru Singh, a former Delhi cricketer and coach of the Delhi Women’s U-23 team.

Anjum Chopra spoke about the significance of this move, stating, “The first and foremost idea was to announce it and invite applications. We wanted to ensure that the selected athletes would receive all the necessary training and facilities without having to pay a penny.”

The response to the scholarship was overwhelming, with over 150 applications received from different parts of the country. After conducting trials in Gurgaon in February or early March, four girls were chosen as the initial beneficiaries of the Anjum Chopra scholarship.

The selected girls are Ishika Kumari from Burari, Delhi, Shraddha HS Motiparas from Porbandar, Gujarat, Gaurika Yadav from Mahendragarh, Haryana, and Shubhi Sharma from Bareilly.

Anjum Chopra further explained the training arrangements, stating, “Those who live nearby or in Delhi can practice daily. However, for those who are from outside Delhi, they report here for 10-15 days every month. When they are not in Delhi, their training is monitored as they are still in the early stages of their cricket journey and need guidance.”

The initial plan was to award ten scholarships each year, but due to the skill level of the applicants, four girls were selected. Anjum Chopra expressed her intention to conduct trials again to identify the remaining six recipients.

The goal of the scholarship is not just about providing financial assistance but also about offering facilities and opportunities for the girls to become better players. Two of the scholarship recipients are already playing at the state level, while the other two are in the probable list, showing their progress in the cricketing system.

Anjum Chopra Scholarship Renewal

Anjum Chopra emphasized that the scholarship will be renewed after one year based on the performance and progress of the athletes. The aim is to continue supporting these girls and ensuring they have the best chance to succeed.

Puru Singh, the CEO of Push Sports and a former Delhi player, highlighted the need to bridge the gap between discussions about women’s empowerment and the actual progress made. He believes that the Women’s Premier League (WPL) remains the primary platform for women’s cricketers to showcase their skills and earn money. He hopes that one of the scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to compete at the highest level in the WPL within the next three years.

Push Sports is a sports education company that focuses on promoting fitness and sustainability through sports-led interventions. Their exclusive dedication to the growth of women and girls’ cricket across India makes them an ideal partner for the Anjum Chopra Scholarship.

The introduction of the Anjum Chopra Scholarship is a remarkable initiative that provides young and talented female cricketers with the support they need to excel in the sport. With financial assistance, top-notch training, and mentorship, these girls have a fantastic opportunity to fulfill their potential and make a mark in the world of cricket.

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