IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan: Check Interest Rates, Loan Repayment, Documents and online Application process

In a stride towards educational accessibility, IDFC FIRST Bank introduces the IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Programme. This initiative aims to facilitate students aspiring for higher studies, eliminating financial barriers. Prospective applicants can now apply online, calculating EMI and exploring competitive interest rates before the application deadline.

IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan 

Purpose and Scope

The IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Programme opens avenues for students pursuing diverse professional and vocational courses, ensuring financial backing for courses with substantial fee structures. This article delves into the purpose, eligibility criteria, benefits, features, and application process, providing an extensive resource for interested applicants.

Online Application Process

Prospective applicants are encouraged to initiate the application process online before the impending deadline. The online platform offers a user-friendly interface, streamlining the application process and empowering students to pursue their academic aspirations.

IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan in Detail


The primary objectives of this initiative are to eliminate financial impediments hindering students from continuing their studies. The program provides variable interest rates, ensuring students don’t face interruptions due to non-submission of course fees. Additionally, it seeks to fulfill the dreams of students hailing from economically weaker sections, empowering them to pursue higher education.

Loan Coverage and Age Limit

This education loan encompasses various allowances, including tuition fees, hostel fees, exam fees, travel expenses, computer/laptop purchase, and insurance costs. The age limit, set at 18 years, plays a crucial role in loan eligibility, ensuring that applicants meet the specified criteria for borrowing.

IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Interest Rates and Loan Repayment

Interest Rate

Applicants should be cognizant of the interest rates associated with the education loan. IDFC FIRST Bank applies interest rates ranging from a minimum of 2.75% to a maximum of 8.75%, providing students with a transparent view of the financial commitment.

Loan Repayment

While the loan facilitates immediate financial support, students must understand their responsibility to repay the borrowed amount within the stipulated time frame. The repayment includes the principal amount and the accrued interest, ensuring a fair and sustainable financial model.

Crucial Dates and Additional Scholarships

Application Deadline

To ensure timely registration and avoid potential technical glitches, students are advised to submit their online applications before the looming deadline. The application window typically closes on 31st March 2024, providing ample time for interested applicants.

Other Scholarships

In addition to the IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Programme, students may explore alternative scholarship opportunities provided by various financial institutions. A list of notable scholarships, including those offered by SBI, HDFC Credila, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, PNB, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, IDBI Bank, Union Bank of India, and Avanse, opens avenues for diverse educational pursuits.

IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Benefits and Features


This loan program extends several advantages to students, including the ability to pay admission or course fees, pursue a variety of courses or degrees, and return the borrowed amount within a flexible duration. The loan covers major allowances, offering financial support for diverse student needs.


Key features of the IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Programme include its launch by IDFC FIRST Bank, eligibility for students pursuing higher studies or specific courses, an age limit of 18 years, no specific application deadline, transparent interest rate policies, and a wealth of information available on the official website.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

Eligibility Criteria

To successfully apply for the education loan, applicants must meet specific criteria, including Indian citizenship, student status, a co-applicant requirement, and a minimum age of 18 years. These criteria collectively ensure that the loan is extended to genuine applicants with a sincere intent for higher education.

Required Documents

The application process involves the submission of essential documents by both the student and the co-applicant. These include photo ID proof, proof of residence, passport-sized photographs, proof of admission, fee structure documents, income-related documents, and collateral documents for added security.

IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan online Application

Steps Navigating the online application is simplified with a step-by-step guide. Applicants can visit the official website, click on the “Apply Now” button, and proceed to fill in the registration form. The form requires details such as title, name, date of birth, preferred country of study, pin code, and mobile number. After submission, additional details will be requested, ensuring a comprehensive application.

Customer Support and Expert Commentary

Customer Support

For any queries or concerns related to the IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Programme, applicants can contact the customer care hotline at 1800 10 888. The dedicated customer support ensures a seamless application process and addresses any doubts that applicants may encounter.

Expert Commentary

“Investing in education is an investment in our nation’s future. The IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Programme is a commendable initiative, aligning with the collective vision of empowering students to pursue higher education without financial constraints. As an expert in the field, I endorse the significance of such initiatives in fostering a knowledge-driven society.”

This comprehensive guide unravels the intricacies of the IDFC FIRST Bank Education Loan Programme, providing valuable insights for prospective applicants. From eligibility criteria to the application process, the article serves as an authoritative resource, reflecting IDFC FIRST Bank’s commitment to fostering educational empowerment.

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