FAEA Scholarship 2023: Eligibility, online apply, updates, last dates and application process

FAEA Scholarship 2023: Education has the power to transform lives, create opportunities, and pave the way for a brighter future. Unfortunately, many deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds face financial constraints that hinder their educational aspirations. Recognizing this, various organizations, as well as central and state governments, offer scholarships to support meritorious students in need. One such prestigious scholarship is the Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA) Scholarship. Let’s explore this incredible scholarship program in detail, step by step.

Eligibility Criteria for FAEA Scholarship 2023

To be eligible for the FAEA Scholarship, applicants must meet specific criteria. They should be permanent Indian citizens who have passed Class 12 from a recognized board. Additionally, they must meet the language proficiency requirement of the host institution. The scholarship is primarily aimed at students from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society. However, there are also grants available for students belonging to the general category, especially those who have secured above 90 percent marks in the Class 12 board exams or have gained admission to prestigious organizations in the country.

FAEA Scholarship Application Process and Dates

The application process for the FAEA Scholarship is currently underway and will conclude on June 30. To apply, students need to visit the official website of FAEA at faeaindia.org. It is crucial to carefully read and understand the eligibility criteria before submitting the application. The scholarship program will provide financial assistance to 50 deserving students.

FAEA Scholarship Selection Process

The selection process for the FAEA Scholarship is based on academic performance and either an interview or a written test. Shortlisted candidates will receive scholarship amounts to support their higher education endeavors. FAEA sets a minimum Class 12 marks criteria, and those who score above it will be considered for the interview or test.

The scholarships are sponsored by prominent organizations like TATA and other generous donors. They enable students to pursue undergraduate courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering, and other professional fields at colleges or universities in India. The financial support provided by the scholarship covers tuition fees, maintenance allowances, and hostel and mess charges, as per the norms set by FAEA. In some cases, the scholarship may even be extended for postgraduate courses, depending on the student’s performance in the graduate exams and the availability of funds.

Unlock Your Potential through FAEA Scholarship

The FAEA Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for underprivileged students to unlock their potential, pursue higher education, and fulfill their dreams. The financial assistance and support provided by the scholarship program can significantly alleviate the burden of educational expenses, allowing students to focus on their studies and future prospects.

Don’t miss this chance to receive recognition for your academic achievements and to access the resources necessary for your educational journey. Apply for the FAEA Scholarship 2023 today and take a step towards a brighter future.


The FAEA Scholarship is a shining beacon of hope for underprivileged students seeking to overcome financial barriers and achieve their educational goals. By offering financial support, this scholarship program plays a vital role in empowering students and enabling them to contribute to society through their knowledge and skills.

Apply now, seize the opportunity, and embark on a transformative educational journey with the FAEA Scholarship. Together, we can create a world where education is accessible to all, regardless of their financial background.

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