Oasis Scholarship 2024: Check/download Oasis Scholarship Amount List online

The Oasis scholarship portal serves as the gateway for various scholarships offered by the Welfare Department of West Bengal. This comprehensive platform caters to students hailing from backward castes and categories. By visiting the official website, eligible students can access the Oasis Scholarship Amount List, which provides insights into the financial assistance they can receive directly in their bank accounts. This article delves into the key details of the Oasis Scholarship, shedding light on its objectives, features, and the diverse schemes available.


Oasis Scholarship 2024

The Oasis scholarship portal acts as the official hub for a range of scholarships designed to support students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in West Bengal. These scholarships target individuals belonging to backward castes and categories. To be eligible, students must be permanent residents of West Bengal, with specific opportunities available for those in scheduled castes and tribes. The application process is conducted online, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Objective of Oasis Scholarship Amount List

The primary objective of the scholarships offered by the West Bengal government through the Oasis portal is to uplift individuals from economically backward sections of society. These scholarships provide monthly financial assistance directly transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts. The Oasis Scholarship Amount List, available in PDF format on the official website, outlines the financial support students can expect based on their category.

Key Features of Oasis Scholarship Amount List

  • The PDF list offers crucial information about the financial assistance to be transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts.
  • Easily downloadable from the official Oasis scholarship portal, providing convenience for students.
  • Details on various scholarship schemes activated on the official website are outlined in the list.
  • Offers clarity on eligibility criteria and the quota for each scholarship.
  • Comprehensive information about different types of scholarships available.

Oasis Pre-Matric Scholarship

Designed for students yet to complete their 9th-grade board exams, the Oasis Pre-Matric Scholarship aims to provide financial assistance for continuing their education. This scholarship is particularly valuable for students facing difficulties paying tuition fees, ensuring they can pursue their studies without financial constraints.

Oasis Post-Matric Scholarship

The Post-Matric Scholarship is tailored for students who have completed their 10th-grade board exams and wish to pursue their 12th-grade studies. With a focus on students who excelled in their 10th-grade exams, this scholarship aims to reduce the dropout rate among those belonging to scheduled castes and tribes.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Oasis Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Permanent resident of West Bengal.
  • Belongs to an economically backward section of society.
  • Annual income not exceeding three lakh rupees.
  • Specific eligibility criteria mentioned in the chosen scholarship scheme.

Benefits of Oasis Scholarship Amount List

  • Provides a clear understanding of the financial assistance available through scholarships.
  • Outlines eligibility criteria and quota information.
  • Facilitates continued education by guiding students through the available financial support.
  • Helps hostellers and day scholars differentiate scholarship amounts.
  • Offers insight into the number of scholarships available on the portal.

Financial Assistance Benefits

The West Bengal government provides various financial assistance opportunities directly to students through the Oasis portal. Aimed at economically backward sections of society, these scholarships alleviate financial burdens and contribute to the educational development of the recipients.

Detailed Mention under Oasis Scholarship Amount List

  • Name of the Scheme
  • Rate of Grant
  • Ceiling of Family Income
  • Quota if any
  • Duration
  • Required Documents

Oasis Scholarship Amount List Online 2024

  1. Sikshashree to SC
  2. Hostel Grant for S.C. Students Lodging in School-attached Hostel
  3. Ashram Hostel Grant for SC Students reading Classes I to X
  4. Post-Matric Scholarship to S.C. Hosteller (p.m.)
  5. Merit Scholarship (V-X) for S.C Girls
  6. Merit Scholarship (IX-XII) for SC
  7. Upgradation of Merit for S.C. Students (IX-XII)
  8. Unclean Occupation from classes I-X (GOI & State rate)
  9. Pre-Matric(CS) Scholarship for students belonging to SC (IX & X)
  10. Pre-Matric Scholarship to O.B.C. Students
  11. Post-Matric Scholarship to O.B.C. Students (XI onwards)

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Oasis Scholarship Amount List 2024 FAQs

  1. What is the official website of the Oasis Scholarship
  2. What is the scholarship amount of the Oasis Scholarship?
    • The scholarship amount is detailed in the official amount list on the website.
  3. Why should I download the Oasis Scholarship?
    • Downloading the amount list provides information about the scholarship amount and quota, aiding in the application process.
  4. What is the last date to apply for the Oasis Scholarship?
    • The last date varies for different scholarships listed on the official website. Applicants should check the specific deadlines for each scholarship.

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