Assam Scholarship 2023: Check last Date, documents, Updates, Eligibility, list and online application process

Assam Scholarship 2023-24, a flagship initiative of the State Government, stands as a beacon of hope for economically backward students. This comprehensive guide navigates through the intricacies of the scholarship, shedding light on the application process, eligibility criteria, and the myriad of scholarships available under its umbrella.

Assam Scholarship 2023

  • Assam Scholarship is a pivotal program initiated by the State Government to provide financial assistance to deserving students.
  • The scholarship amount is directly transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode.
  • Eligible institutes play a crucial role by uploading student details on the official website within the stipulated time frame.
  • Students, guided by school authorities, can efficiently fill out the application form based on their eligibility criteria.

“Assam Scholarship is not just a financial aid program; it’s a commitment to fostering educational growth and inclusivity in the state.”

Details Of Assam Scholarship

  • Name: Assam Scholarship 2023
  • Launched By: State Government of Assam
  • Beneficiaries: Students of Assam state
  • Objective: To provide scholarships per month
  • Official Website: Assam

“The official website serves as the gateway to a plethora of opportunities, offering a lifeline to students seeking financial support for their education.”

Assam Scholarship 2023 last Date

  • Assam Pre Matric Scholarship for SC Students: 20th January 2023
  • NSP Top Class Education for SC Students: 31st December 2023
  • SOF International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO): Updated Soon
  • SOF National Science Olympiad (NSO): Updated Soon
  • Combined Merit Scholarship: Between August and October
  • Post Graduate Research Fellowship: Between August and October
  • IITM Research Fellowship: Updated soon
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles: 31st December 2023
  • Assam Foundation of North America Academics Scholarship: Updated soon
  • Pre-Matric Scholarship for ST (Class 9 & 10) Students Assam: 31st December 2022
  • Post Matric Scholarship for SC Students Assam: 31st December 2022

“Mark these dates in your calendar to seize the opportunities provided by these diverse scholarship programs.”

Assam Scholarship 2023 List 

The Assam state boasts a rich array of scholarships catering to various needs. Here’s a glimpse of some prominent scholarships and their providers:

  • Combined Merit Scholarship, Assam: Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Assam
  • Post Graduate Research Fellowship, Assam: Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Assam
  • Pre-Matric Scholarship for OBC Students, Assam: Government of Assam
  • Pre-Matric Scholarship for ST Students (Class 1 to 8), Assam: Department of Welfare of Plains Tribes & Backward Classes, Government of Assam

“These scholarships are not just financial aids; they are pathways to a brighter and more inclusive future for Assam’s students.”

Rewards Details

  • Combined Merit Scholarship, Assam: 840 scholarships available, offering INR 300 per month for students pursuing a course degree and INR 500 per month for postgraduate degree courses.
  • Post Graduate Research Fellowship, Assam: 32 scholarships available, offering varying amounts for PG, LLM, MPhil, and Ph.D. courses.

“These rewards are not just financial; they are investments in the educational journey of each recipient.”

Assam Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • Combined Merit Scholarship: Open to students of general degree and master’s degree courses in Science, Commerce, Arts, with a minimum of 60% marks in the previous qualifying examination.
  • Post Graduate Research Fellowship: Open to students pursuing M.Phil., Ph.D., Postgraduate LLM, or post-doctoral level research from a recognized university with at least 55% marks.

“Eligibility criteria act as the gateway, ensuring that scholarships reach those who truly need and deserve them.”

Assam Scholarship 2023 Documents 

To successfully apply for the Assam scholarship, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • Bonafide certificate from college authority.
  • Income certificate of parents from the Circle Officer.
  • HS (10 +2) final mark sheet.
  • Self-declaration certificate of not availing any other scholarship.
  • Bank details: 1 page of the bank passbook displaying bank name, IFSC code, account holder name, and account number.

“Preparedness with the right documents is the key to a seamless application process.”

Assam Scholarship 2023 online Application 

  1. Combined Merit Scholarship, Assam: Apply online through the scholarship portal of the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Assam.
  2. Post Graduate Research Fellowship, Assam: Apply online through the scholarship portal of the Directorate of Higher Education, Government of Assam.
  3. Pre-Matric Scholarship for OBC Students: Apply online through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP).
  4. Pre-Matric Scholarship for ST Students (Class 1 to 8): Apply online through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP).
  5. Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students: Apply online through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP).

“Navigating the online application process is made simple, ensuring that every eligible student can easily access the benefits of the scholarship.”

Assam Scholarship 2023 Online Application process

  1. Open the official website of the National Scholarship Portal.
  2. Click on “New Registration” if not already registered.
  3. Read instructions carefully and proceed with the registration form.
  4. Enter all details, upload documents, and submit.
  5. An OTP will be sent to your mobile for verification.
  6. Click on “Register” to complete the process.

“The online application process is user-friendly, making it accessible to all students seeking financial aid.”

Assam Scholarship tips

  • This scholarship program is valid only for other backward-class applicants.
  • Check eligibility before applying.
  • The applicant must be from the OBC category.
  • Have a valid mobile number and email ID.
  • Keep all documents ready before applying.
  • Use a laptop or desktop for the online application.
  • Check the application form before submission.
  • Apply before the last date to avoid last-minute rush.

“Adhering to these points ensures a smooth application process and increases the chances of successfully securing the scholarship.”

Assam Scholarship Helpline

  • Email ID: helpdesk[at]nsp[dot]gov[dot]in
  • Helpline No: 0120 – 6619540

“For any assistance or queries, reach out to the provided contact details. Your education matters, and we are here to support you.”

Expert Comment: “Investing in education is not just a financial transaction; it’s an investment in the future of our society. The Assam Scholarship program exemplifies this commitment, ensuring that no deserving student is left behind.” – [Expert Name, Designation]

In conclusion, Assam Scholarship 2023-24 is more than a financial aid program; it’s a catalyst for educational empowerment, breaking barriers, and fostering a brighter future for Assam’s students.

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