Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2023 Online Application, Benefits, Eligibility, and Full info

The NSHM Knowledge Campus takes a significant step in the direction of education accessibility by offering the Asha Jyoti Scholarship scheme. This Indian scholarship is designed to support both graduate and undergraduate students who possess a strong desire for higher education but face financial constraints.

The scholarship is a merit-cum-means-based program, extending its assistance exclusively to students who exhibit exceptional intellectual abilities but lack the financial means to further their education.

Scholarship Name Asha Jyoti Scholarship
Launched by NSHM Knowledge Campus
Delegated Ministry Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
Aim To provide scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students
Benefit College students will be provided scholarship
Applicability Citizens of India
Beneficiaries Graduate & postgraduate students
Selection Parameters Attendance record & CGPA score
Mode of Transfer Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)
Payment Mode E-payment mode
Attendance 75% attendance
Scholarship Transferral Monthly basis
Courses Covered Undergraduate and postgraduate courses 
% of Fee Waiver 25%-100% fee waiver
Hosting Site National Information Centre (NIC)
Mode of Application Online
Official Website 

Asha Jyoti Scholarship application Details

The Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme boasts several notable features that make it a preferred choice for students hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Let’s delve into these features:

  • Launched by the NSHM Knowledge Campus, this scholarship is exclusively available to students who are already pursuing their college degrees, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  • Students preparing for entrance exams for either undergraduate or postgraduate courses are eligible to apply for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme.
  • To qualify for the scholarship amount, a student must maintain a minimum attendance record of 75% at their college.
  • Students are required to maintain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 7 each semester.
  • After receiving the scholarship, students can prepare for competitive examinations such as NEET and JEE.
  • Scholarship funds are disbursed to selected students every semester, covering semester fees, tuition fees, and other educational expenses.
  • The student’s performance is evaluated before the scholarship amount is reimbursed by the government.

Benefits of the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme

The Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme, initiated by the NSHM Knowledge Campus, helps students pursue higher education without financial hindrances. Here are some key benefits of this scholarship:

  • Students seeking admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses can cover their tuition fees with the support of this scholarship scheme.
  • Eligible students will promptly become recipients of the scholarship award.
  • Students with a strong academic track record from the previous year will receive preference in the selection process.
  • Selection is based on merit scores.
  • Siblings or alumni of NSHM are also eligible for the scholarship scheme.
  • Bright students lacking financial resources can receive assistance through the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme.
  • The scholarship program helps students cover various allowances.
  • To receive the scholarship money, students must maintain a minimum attendance of 75%.

Asha Jyoti Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme primarily targets students from underprivileged backgrounds who lack the financial resources for higher education. To apply for this scholarship, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Only undergraduate or postgraduate students are eligible to apply for this scholarship scheme.
  • The candidate’s annual family income should be less than 2.5 lakhs or fall within the range of 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

Asha Jyoti Scholarship 2023 online Application 

Applying for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the official website of the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme.
  2. Review the scholarship details on the website.
  3. Carefully read all instructions before clicking on the ‘Apply’ button.
  4. Fill in the required details and complete the scholarship application.
  5. Click ‘Submit’ after successfully filling out the application form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Asha Jyoti Scholarship?
    • Asha Jyoti Scholarship is an initiative by NSHM Knowledge Campus that provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged students.
  • Who is eligible for Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme?
    • Any student pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate course can apply for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme.
  • What percentage of marks is required for Asha Jyoti Scholarship?
    • Students with strong academic performance are preferred for this scholarship scheme.
  • Is 75% attendance compulsory for Asha Jyoti Scholarship?
    • Yes, maintaining a minimum of 75% attendance is essential for eligibility in the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme.

The Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme is a noble initiative by the NSHM Knowledge Campus, empowering economically disadvantaged but academically bright students to pursue their higher education dreams. This scholarship program has made a significant impact by providing much-needed support to deserving students.

Expert editorial comment

The Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme is a commendable endeavor by the NSHM Knowledge Campus to break down the financial barriers that often prevent academically gifted students from pursuing higher education. In a country where education remains the key to upward mobility, such initiatives are invaluable.

This merit-cum-means scholarship program not only identifies and supports bright minds but also instills a sense of responsibility by requiring students to maintain a minimum CGPA and attendance. By doing so, it encourages academic excellence and underscores the importance of regular attendance, a habit vital for success in both education and life.

Furthermore, the scholarship’s preference for students with a strong academic track record from the previous year is a testament to the commitment to nurturing academic talent. It rewards consistent performance and encourages students to continually strive for excellence.

Additionally, the inclusion of siblings and alumni of NSHM in the scholarship scheme demonstrates a holistic approach to education. It recognizes the potential for academic talent to run in families and rewards the loyalty of those who have been part of the NSHM community.

Ultimately, the Asha Jyoti Scholarship Scheme is not just about providing financial assistance; it’s about creating opportunities, fostering academic growth, and helping economically disadvantaged students achieve their educational aspirations. This program is a beacon of hope for many, guiding them towards a brighter, more promising future.

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