Telangana English Medium 2 Year D.Ed or D.El.Ed Course, check details at

The Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) course in Telangana aims to equip aspiring teachers with the necessary commitment, competencies, professional skills, and values to contribute to a human, healthy, and learning society. This two-year program focuses on the emotional and intellectual development of teacher trainees to enable them to discharge their duties effectively and efficiently.

Telangana English Medium D.El.Ed Course

Teacher education plays a crucial role in preparing individuals for the teaching profession. The D.El.Ed course serves as an initiation into the teaching profession, providing future teachers with the essential aspirations, knowledge base, pedagogic capacities, and humane attitude required to become successful educators.

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English Medium D.Ed or D.El.Ed course in Telangana

Primary education is the foundation for an individual’s further educational pursuits, and the quality of education greatly depends on the teacher education program through which educators are prepared. The introduction of the English Medium D.Ed or D.El.Ed course in Telangana aligns with the ongoing changes in the education system and benefits candidates participating in the “KG to PG Schools” program. By being trained in English medium, these future teachers will find it easier to approach their students, leading to meaningful teaching and learning experiences.

D.Ed or D.El.Ed course Curriculum Changes

To ensure the D.El.Ed course remains up-to-date, the education department recently discussed required changes in the syllabus with SCERT professors and lecturers. The revised curriculum introduces new subjects such as Understanding and Personality Development, Proficiency in English, Early Child Care Education, Inclusive Education, and School Culture & Leadership. Methodologies in the first year will focus on teaching lessons for 1st and 2nd classes, while the second year will emphasize teaching for 3rd to 5th classes. In the second year, candidates can also choose subjects to teach for 6th to 8th classes.

Telangana English Medium D.El.Ed. Assessment Structure

The new assessment structure assigns 60% weightage to written tests and 40% to internals, which include projects, assignments, and teaching practice. Over the course of two years, students will be evaluated through 11 papers in the first year and 14 papers in the second year, totaling 2,400 marks. This presents a valuable opportunity for aspiring teachers to excel in their professional development.

Implementation of English Medium D.El.Ed. Course

The Telangana State Government has granted permission for the Director of School Education, TS, to run the English Medium D.El.Ed. Program as a parallel section within the sanctioned strength of 100 in all the 10 DIETs in the state starting from the academic year 2022-2023. Amendments to the existing rules governing DEECET examination and admission into Elementary Teacher Training Institutes and DIETs are being made to accommodate this change.

Constitution of a Committee

To ensure smooth implementation of the English Medium D.El.Ed program, the Director of School Education, TS, has formed a committee comprising various education officials. The committee’s objective is to examine existing rules, NCTE norms and regulations, and submit a comprehensive report. Committee members include representatives from TSREIS, Director of Text Books, Director of TOSS, Additional Director of Coordination, Regional Joint Director of Hyderabad, and District Educational Officers from Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Warangal (Urban), and Adilabad.


The introduction of the English Medium D.Ed or D.El.Ed course in Telangana signifies the state government’s commitment to providing quality teacher education. This program empowers future teachers and ensures that they are well-prepared to contribute to the education system. The ongoing efforts to align the curriculum and make necessary amendments reflect the commitment to excellence in teacher training.

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