Sikkim Scholarship 2023: Check Pre Matric last date, status and application (OBC, EBC and DNT Students)

Sikkim Scholarship 2023:You will be eligible to apply for the pre-matric scholarship if you are a permanent resident of the state. Pre-matric scholarships are available to students who haven’t completed their schooling in the second state but can’t pay their school fees for a number of reasons.

Check out the article provided below for more information about the Pre Matric Scholarship for OBC, EBC and DNT Students Sikkim 2023 and we will also let you know about the eligibility criteria that you must meet in order to be considered for the scholarship. In addition, we will share with you all the guidelines for applying for the scholarship.

Sikkim Pre Matric Scholarship 2023

Sikkim’s organization presents a scholarship scheme to assist people who are economically backward and are not able to continue their education due to a variety of factors such as poverty or other circumstances.

Applicants can fill out the application form for the Pre-Matric Scholarship for OBC, EBC, and DNT Students in Sikkim on the official website of the national scholarship portal.

In addition to checking the application status, applicants will also be able to view the guidelines for applying for the scholarship at the official website of the national scholarship portal.

Sikkim Pre Matric Scholarship last Date

  • The last date to apply for the scholarship is 31st January 2023

  • Defective application verification: 15 February 2023

  • The Institutions will be verified till 15th February 2023.

  • DNO/SNO/MNO verification will done by 28 February 2023.

Eligibility Of Educational Institutions

In order to qualify for this scholarship, educational institutions must meet the following criteria:-

  • Scholarships will only be awarded to institutions/colleges with the ‘AISHE Code/UDISE’ Code. An institution’s AISHE/UDISE-Code will be used to pull all information about the institution on the scholarship portal, including registration, affiliation, accreditation, courses offered, and the number of seats approved for each course, automatically from the AISHE/UDISE server.

  • For continuation in the scheme from 2025-26, all participating higher education institutions must receive NAAC/NBA accreditation before 2024.

  • Scholarship benefits will be linked to Aadhaar-based attendance systems. Colleges/institutions will maintain daily attendance data based on Aadhaar and submit details to the portal.

  • In a prescribed format, the institutions shall submit self-audited reports to the state governments every half year.

  • Scholarship portals should allow institutions to honor the FREESHIP CARD issued by the State/District Authority and admit students without requiring them to pay the college/tuition fees or hostel fees in advance. According to the provisions of this scheme, the student will pay this upon receiving the scholarship amount from the Government. State government officials will coordinate with institutions in their states in this regard.

  • There will be scholarships available for students who have completed a recognized post-matriculation or postsecondary education (Intermediate/Senior Secondary, Diploma, Long-term Vocational Training Certificate, Graduate, Post Graduate, etc.) in a recognized institution, university, or college that falls into one of the following nine categories:

    • A list of institutions of national importance;

    • Universities/Colleges recognized by the UGC under section 2(f) of UGC Act, including Central Universities/ State Universities/ Autonomous Colleges;

    • Deemed Universities;

    • Private Universities recognized by the State/Centre;

    • As mandated by the Supreme Court, professional institutions affiliated with a recognized central or state university are covered by a fee fixation committee;

    • Recognized schools/colleges for Classes XI and class XII;

    • State/UT-recognized institutions that grant diplomas;

    • Vocational Training Institutes affiliated with the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT);

    • Institutions affiliated/approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies such as NMC/AICTE, etc. Where the regulatory authority has recognized/authorized a specific number of seats for a particular course, the scholarships shall be restricted to those courses and numbers

Sikkim Pre Matric Scholarship Eligibility 

Scholarship applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to be considered for Sikkim Scholarship 2023:-

  • According to the Central Government/State Government/UT Administration, scholarships will be available to Indian nationals belonging to the OBC, EBC, and DNT groups.

  • Scholarships will be awarded to students enrolling in recognized post-matriculation or post-secondary courses

  • Applicants must be OBCs/EBCs/DNTs as specified in relation to the State/UT to which they actually belong, i.e. permanently settled in the State/UT, and have passed a Matriculation, Higher Secondary, or any other higher education examination recognized by a university.

  • A candidate who is studying the same subject after passing one stage of education is not eligible to apply. For example, a candidate who is studying B.Sc after B.A, B.Com after B.A, or M.A after M.A in another subject will not be eligible to apply.

  • After completing their educational career in one professional field, for example, LLB after completing B.T/B Ed, students are not eligible to apply.

  • It is not eligible to be a continuous school course for students enrolled in the XI class of the Higher Secondary School courses or the XII class of the Multipurpose High School. Students who pass the tenth class examination and enroll in other courses after passing the tenth class will be treated as post-matriculated students and are eligible for scholarships if the exam is considered equivalent to matriculation.

  • A student pursuing a Post-Graduate course in medicine will be eligible only if he or she is not allowed to practice during the course.

  • A scholarship will be awarded to students who fail or pass the Undergraduate/Postgraduate examinations in Arts/Science/Commerce and enroll in a recognized professional or technical certificate/diploma/degree course. Failure in any subsequent course with the exception of those in Group “1” will not be condoned, and no further changes will be allowed.

  • Studying through correspondence or online courses is also eligible for this program. In Central/State Universities, the term correspondence includes distance and continuous education.

  • Scholarships will only be available to two boys from the same family. The restriction will not apply to girls, however. As a result, the availability of scholarships for girls of the same parents/guardians will not adversely affect the availability of scholarships for up to two boys of the same parents/guardians.

  • Scholarship holders under this Scheme will not hold any other scholarship or stipend. Moreover, if the student receives another scholarship/stipend, he or she has the option to choose between the two, whichever is more advantageous for him or her, and should inform the awarding authority accordingly through the Head of the Institution. From the date the student accepts any other scholarship/stipend, no scholarship will be paid to him/her. A student may, however, accept free lodging or a grant from the State Government or any other source in addition to the scholarship amount paid under the Scheme to purchase books, equipment, or meet expenses on board and lodging.

  • A scholarship holder receiving coaching under the coaching schemes at any pre-examination training center with financial assistance from the Central Government or State Government will not receive a stipend.

  • A school’s age limit for admitting regular students to a particular class should be determined by the institution concerned.

  • Post-matric scholarship applicants must be employed students whose income combined with that of their parents/guardians does not exceed Rs. 2.50 lakh per annum.

  • The scholarship is available to unemployed students whose parents or guardians’ income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 2.50 lakh per year.

Note: We tried to give you best information, we recommend you to verify these details on official website. You can visit here – Sikkim Portal

Sikkim Freeship Card 

Students can apply for the free shipping card by following the following guidelines:-

  • In accordance with the Scheme Guidelines, all eligible students shall be able to take admission to the institutions without prepaying tuition fees and hostel fees. In this Freeship card, the student is eligible to study at this institution without pre-paying the fees, and the institution is informed that as and when the money is released to the student’s account, it must be collected from the student.

  • A student must register on the scholarship portal well in advance of the expected admission date for the issuance of a Freeship Card by providing details like Aadhaar number, course name (e.g. MBBS, B.Sc., Class XI, etc.) and an assurance that the institution’s charges will be paid within 7 working days after the amount of the scholarship has been received in their account. Registration for the Freeship Card is available throughout the year through the portals.

  • Databases which are linked online should be automatically used to verify income, caste, and merit details. There should be no paper involved in the process. Documents such as passport-sized photographs, copies of diplomas and degrees, and copies of each certificate may be scanned and uploaded until the above system is implemented. A valid income certificate issued by a competent authority as prescribed by the state government, a caste certificate duly signed by the authorized officer in relation to all examinations passed.

  • In case a student registers on the Portal and is found eligible, all States/UTs will verify the student within 30 days after receiving the registration request from the student, and issue a Freeship Card through the information technology portal, mentioning the course for which the application is made so that the eligible students are not denied admissions due to a delay in depositing tuition fees. Students should be able to download the Free Ship Card directly from the portal. As soon as all the required certificates are digitized, the Freeship Card will automatically be generated upon registration for eligible students.

  • The Freeship card is valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance when used for admission.

  • An eligible student may change the course he/she intends to study before taking admission to an institution by logging on to the IT portal and a fresh Freeship Card will be issued automatically.

  • For renewal students, there will be no need to register for a new Freeship card, and the card will be valid for the entire course.

Sikkim Pre Matric Scholarship Selection Process

The following selection procedures must be followed by the applicant to be eligible to receive a Sikkim Scholarship 2023:-

  • Scholarships will be offered to all eligible OBC/EBC/DNT candidates based on the eligibility conditions prescribed in the Scheme. In the case of a student from one State studying in another, the state to which they belong will award them scholarships and they will submit their applications to the competent authorities of the state in which they live. As for exemptions from fees or other concessions, they will be treated as if they were studying in their own country.

  • Once awarded, the award is payable until the course is completed, subject to satisfactory academic performance and attendance of 75%. An Aadhaar-based attendance system will be used to verify attendance.

  • A scholar who is unable to appear in the annual examination due to illness may be eligible for renewal if he or she produces a medical certificate from the prescribed authority and the institution/college accepts it.

  • Despite the fact that the student may not have actually passed the lower class, a student may be promoted to the next higher class according to the University’s/Institution’s Regulations. If the student is otherwise eligible for a scholarship for the class to which he/she has been promoted, he/she will have the right to receive a scholarship. In addition, if a student fails a class and rejoins the same class as a regular student, he/she will be eligible for a scholarship for one additional year, whichever is shorter.

  • Scholarships may be renewed if a scholar pursuing a Group I course fails the examination for the first time. In the event that a student fails a second or subsequent class, the student is responsible for paying his/her own expenses until he/she obtains promotion to the next higher class.

Sikkim Pre Matric Scholarship Application Process

In order to apply for the Sikkim Scholarship 2023, we need to follow the simple steps below:-

  • By clicking the link provided here, candidates will be directed to the official website of the national scholarship portal

  • You will see the home page on your screen.

  • To register, click the New Registration button

  • You will see the instructions on your screen.

  • Make sure the declaration is ticked.

  • Select “Continue”.

  • Please enter all the details.

  • Please provide your name, date of birth, mobile number, gender, email ID, and bank details.

  • Please enter the captcha code

  • Register by clicking the “Register” button.

  • Log in with your credentials now.

  • Choose the option “Application Form”

  • An application form will appear on the screen

  • Details such as the State of Domicile, the Name of the student, the Date of Birth, the Community/Category, the Father’s Name, the Aadhaar card number, the Mobile number, the Scholarship Category, the Gender, Religion, the Mother’s Name, the Annual Family Income, and the Email address should be entered.

  • Select “Save & Continue”

  • The documents should be uploaded.

  • Please click on “Final Submission”

  • There will be a successful submission of the application form.

Sikkim scholarship Application Status check

You can check the Sikkim Scholarship 2023 application status by following the simple instructions given below:-

  • By clicking the link provided here, candidates will be directed to the official website of the national scholarship portal

  • Your screen will display the home page.

  • Select the Previous Year Application Status option.

  • On your screen, a new page will appear.

  • Select your year from the drop-down menu.

  • You will be taken to a new page.

  • Please enter your application ID and password.

  • Select the Submit option.

  • Your screen will display the application status.

Sikkim Scholarship contact details 

  • helpdesk[at]nsp[dot]gov[dot]in

  • 0120 – 6619540

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