Scholarship for JEE-NEET 2023: Don’t miss this Scholarship, check details and Apply here

If you aspire to prepare for the JEE-NEET exams but face limitations, the Dainik Jagran cum Inventors Scholarship exam can be your gateway. This scholarship program offers talented students the chance to receive up to 100 percent scholarship support. Additionally, students can win prizes like branded laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


Scholarship for JEE-NEET 2023

Applications for the Dainik Jagran cum Inventors Scholarship Examination (I-Score) 2023 will be accepted both online and offline until November 1.

Benefits for Top Performers

The top 40 meritorious students who excel in this exam will have the opportunity to prepare for medical and engineering entrance exams under the guidance of experienced teachers in the Winner-40 batch. They will receive free accommodation and meals.

Dainik Jagran Scholarship Exam Locations

The scholarship examination will be held in all district headquarters of the state. Meritorious students with exceptional performance will be awarded scholarships and other prizes worth up to Rs 25 crore by the inventors.

Up to 100 Percent Scholarship

Talented students can secure up to 100 percent scholarship support. They will also have the chance to win prizes such as branded laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The program aims to enroll gifted and economically disadvantaged students from the state in prestigious institutes like IIT, NIT, AIIMS, and more.

Dainik Jagran Scholarship Online and Offline Exams

The examination will be conducted in both online and offline modes. Students taking the online exam will also need to attend an interview. For any queries or concerns, students can contact the helpline at 8092830988, 8541806988, or 8434267988.

Dainik Jagran cum Inventors Scholarship Eligibility

Students who have passed 7th to 12th grade are eligible to apply for the examination. The scholarship test is one hour long and consists of objective questions. The registration fee to participate is Rs 100.

Dainik Jagran cum Inventors Scholarship last Dates

The scholarship test is scheduled for November 5, and the results will be published on December 15.

Gyanashram is a residential campus with a capacity to accommodate 200 students. It offers school, coaching, accommodation, and food facilities in one complex. Talented students who perform well in the I-Score exam receive a 100 percent scholarship to Gyanashram. You can get more information about the scholarship on the website

Dainik Jagran Scholarship helpline

If you need more details about the scholarship, visit the website or reach out to the helpline numbers: 8092830988, 8541806988, 8434267988.

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