ODM Scholarship 2023: Check Duration, Eligibility, Documents and Online Application

The Odisha State Government has introduced the ODM Scholarship, aimed at supporting students who have a passion for sports or athletic games. The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance for students pursuing sports and is made possible through collaboration with various foundations. The selection process for this scholarship is based on the documents submitted by the students.

This article will provide you with comprehensive information about the ODM Scholarship 2023, including its purpose, eligibility criteria, benefits, features, and the necessary documents. Additionally, we will guide you through the online application process. To get a complete understanding of this scheme, read on.

ODM Scholarship 2023

Under the ODM Scholarship, a scholarship amount of Rs. 2,00,00,000/- will be awarded to athletes participating in sports such as cricket, basketball, football, and tennis. This scholarship is exclusively available to residents of Odisha and is applicable for a duration of five years.

The ODM Scholarship, launched by the Odisha government, offers students the opportunity to pursue careers in sports while ensuring a bright future. Recipients of this scholarship are required to invest six hours per day in sports activities.

Beneficiaries Students
Student Category Sports or Athletes
Offered Games or Sports Cricket, Basketball, Football &Tennis
No. of Offered Games or Sports 4
Selected Awardees Kuldeep Hembram
Prithviraj Das
No. of Selected Awardees 2
Mode Of Transfer DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)
Payment Mechanism e-payment mechanism
Form of Benefit Scholarship amount
Scholarship Transferral Yearly Basis
Amount of benefit Rs. 2 Crores
Selection Parameter Achievements in Sports Activities
Scholarship Tenure 5 Years
Hosting Site National Information Center (NIC)
Mode Of Application Online

Objectives of ODM Scholarship

The primary objective of the ODM Scholarship is to secure the future of students aspiring to make a career in the field of sports. The government provides a scholarship amount of Rs. 2 crores over five years to support these students, specifically those involved in cricket, basketball, football, and tennis.

Another objective is to assist talented sportspersons and athletes residing in Odisha, enabling them to pursue their sports activities after receiving the scholarship.

Beneficiary Category

This scholarship is applicable only to residents of Odisha engaged in major sports. Each eligible beneficiary will receive a one-time scholarship amount of Rs. 2 crores.

Scholarship Duration

Scholarship recipients will receive the scholarship for a period of five years, totaling 60 months.

List of Associated Partners

The following sports academies are associated with this scholarship:

  • Ardor Football Academy
  • NBA Basketball School
  • Rohit Sharma Cricket Academy
  • Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy

Beginning of Sports Career

Recipients of this scholarship, with dreams of a career in sports, can commence their journey in the sports field, assured of financial support for the next five years.

Facilitation of Sports Academy

The government has enlisted sports academies and institutes to provide training and practice facilities for scholarship recipients. Students will be allocated around five hours per day for sports activities.

The government has committed to providing free education to students pursuing sports careers. According to government regulations, the education fees of these students will be fully reimbursed, and no admission fees will be charged.

Special education curriculums have been arranged for athletes in cricket, basketball, football, and tennis to ensure they receive quality education while pursuing their sports activities. As part of the program, players are expected to invest six hours per day in sports.

List of Offered Games or Sports

The ODM Scholarship is available for the following sports:

  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis

Selected Awardees

The selected awardees for this scholarship include:

  • Kuldeep Hembram
  • Prithviraj Das

Benefits of ODM Scholarship

The scholarship offers the following benefits:

  • Allows students to pursue careers in sports
  • Provides a scholarship amount for five years
  • Offers free-of-cost education
  • Allows athletes to practice their sports activities
  • Provides access to sports academies for practice
  • Guarantees that scholarship efforts contribute to career development
  • Gives preference to students with prior recognition and awards
  • Requires applicants to apply online before the deadline
  • Provides a scholarship amount of Rs. 2 crores
  • Offers athletes six hours per day for sports activities

ODM Scholarship Application details

The features of this scholarship include:

  • Launched by the State Government of Odisha
  • Applicable to students residing in Odisha
  • Selection from cricket, basketball, football, and tennis
  • Provides a scholarship amount of Rs. 2 crores
  • Offers a five-year scholarship duration
  • Partners with sports academies for training
  • Reimburses education fees
  • Requires students to have prior recognition and awards
  • Online application process

ODM Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be permanent residents of Odisha
  • Must be involved in sports
  • Should have received recognition and awards in the sports field
  • Must have achievements in the sports field

ODM Scholarship 2023 Documents

Applicants need to submit the following documents for online application:

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Income certificate
  • Educational certificate
  • Residence certificate issued by a competent authority
  • Proof of bank account details
  • Latest passport-size photograph of the applicant
  • Working mobile number
  • Active email address
  • Proof of admission
  • Sports certificate or award

ODM Scholarship 2023 Online Application

As the scholarship has been recently launched, information about the application process is yet to be made available. Once the application procedure is announced, we will provide you with updates in this article.

Official Web – https://odisha.gov.in/

Expert editorial comment

The ODM Scholarship introduced by the Odisha State Government is a commendable initiative that can significantly impact the lives of budding athletes in the state. Providing financial support to students with a passion for sports is a meaningful way to nurture talent and encourage young athletes to pursue their dreams.

One of the standout features of this scholarship is the long-term commitment it offers, with a scholarship duration of five years. This not only provides financial stability but also ensures that the recipients can focus on their athletic careers without the burden of financial constraints.

The scholarship’s inclusion of various sports, including cricket, basketball, football, and tennis, broadens its reach and appeals to a diverse group of athletes. It recognizes talent beyond the mainstream and offers opportunities to deserving individuals.

Moreover, the provision of free education and the collaboration with sports academies create a supportive ecosystem for these athletes. By offering both financial assistance and facilities for training and practice, the government is making a holistic investment in their development.

The emphasis on previous recognition and awards as a selection criterion also encourages excellence and competition, which are essential in the world of sports.

The Odisha government’s commitment to its young athletes is evident in this scholarship, and it is a laudable effort to promote sports and provide promising athletes with the support they need to shine on the national and international stage. This scholarship can be a game-changer for many aspiring athletes, and it sets an excellent example for other states to follow.

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