Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2024: Check Beneficiaries, Eligibility, Amount and online application process

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2024: The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) spearheads the UK government’s scholarship scheme, aligning closely with international development objectives. Operating under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), it stands as a testament to the UK’s enduring commitment to the Commonwealth. By attracting individuals of exceptional talent, the CSC empowers them to become leaders and innovators upon returning to their home countries, fostering sustainable development and global collaboration.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2024

The CSC’s primary purpose is to address the development needs of Commonwealth countries. It achieves this by providing training opportunities for skilled professionals and academics who may not otherwise afford to study in the UK. This commitment aligns seamlessly with the UK’s national interest, offering a blend of sustainable development and international collaboration.


The intended beneficiaries of CSC’s initiatives are high-quality postgraduate students hailing from Least Developed and middle-income countries. This includes those in fragile and conflict-affected states, who haven’t studied in a high-income country for a year or more. The CSC aims to provide opportunities for individuals with the potential to contribute significantly to the development of their home countries.

Award Duration

The awards granted by CSC typically have a duration of 12 months, during which scholars undergo comprehensive training and education in their respective fields.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Application

The application process involves UK universities bidding for scholarships tied to specific courses with demonstrable development impact. These universities commit to funding the living cost component of the scholarships. Candidates apply through successful universities, which conduct the initial selection, subsequently approved by the CSC.

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for CSC scholarships, applicants must:

  • Be citizens or hold refugee status in an eligible Commonwealth country.
  • Be permanent residents in an eligible Commonwealth country.
  • Commence academic studies in the UK by September 2024.
  • Hold a first degree of at least upper second-class honours standard by September 2024.
  • Not have studied or worked for more than one academic year in a high-income country.
  • Demonstrate financial need for studying in the UK.
  • Provide all supporting documentation in the required format.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

The CSC prioritizes identifying talented individuals capable of catalyzing change. It upholds a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination, actively encouraging applications from diverse backgrounds. For those with disabilities, the CSC provides support, ensuring inclusivity in the scholarship program.

Age No Barrier

Applicants should note there’s no age limit for CSC applications. It’s advisable for applicants to confirm any age restrictions on leave entitlement with their employers.

How to Apply for Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Applications for Commonwealth Shared Scholarships for the 2024/25 academic year are currently open. The deadline for submissions is 16:00 GMT on Thursday, 14 December 2023. Scholarships cater to studies in the UK commencing in September/October 2024.

For comprehensive details and the application process, navigate to the Official Website.

Expert Insight

“The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s unwavering commitment to fostering global talent is a testament to the transformative power of education. As we embark on this journey, we witness not only personal growth but the potential for positive change on a global scale.”Mayank Sahu

In essence, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission stands as a beacon, illuminating pathways for scholars to contribute meaningfully to their nations. As applications open for the 2024/25 academic year, prospective scholars are encouraged to seize this opportunity, ensuring a brighter and more interconnected future.

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