Chevening Scholarship 2023 online Application, Eligibility, Eligible Courses, Age Limit, Documents, Benefits & Facilities

The Chevening Scholarship, a globally renowned initiative by the UK Government, is a beacon of opportunity for Indian students aspiring to pursue higher studies abroad. Designed to support talented individuals seeking education beyond their home country, the Chevening Scholarship Login and Application Process are detailed below.

This scholarship, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in collaboration with partner organizations, directly awards recipients with the Chevening Scholarship Amount. Those with a strong academic drive facing financial barriers to international education can seize the chance to apply for the Chevening Scholarship, which encompasses the Scholarship Amount, login procedure, age limit, application deadline, and comprehensive scholarship-related information.

Chevening Scholarship 2023-24

The much-awaited UK Chevening Scholarship 2023-24 Application Form has been unveiled, extending an invitation to individuals yearning for overseas higher studies.

Scholarship For   International Student
Scholarship Sponsored Country  Chevening Eligible Country
Mode of Application Online
University Almost All University of UK
Courses Offered Masters Degree Programme
Deadline August 2023

A valuable asset for those eager to pursue education abroad, the Chevening Scholarship offers a range of opportunities. Prospective students can explore the Chevening Scholarship University List, a repository of educational institutions primed for aiding their academic journey. To embark on this path, candidates need to perform the crucial Chevening Scholarship Login on, followed by the submission of the Chevening Scholarship Application Form 2023-24. To grasp the eligibility criteria and the holistic application process for the Chevening Scholarship 2023, read on.

Chevening Scholarship Eligibility

Prospective applicants desiring to seek the Chevening Scholarship must adhere to the eligibility criteria as stipulated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO):

  • The candidate must hail from a Chevening-Eligible Country or Territory.
  • Following the scholarship period, recipients must commit to returning to their country of citizenship for a minimum of two years.
  • Candidates should possess a recognized graduation degree from a reputed university or college.
  • Students must have applied to a UK university and obtained a reference or admission letter from the institution before July 14, 2023.

Chevening Scholarship Eligible Courses

Eligible Courses Not Eligible Courses
  • Start in the autumn term (usually September/October)
  • Taught master’s (i.e. not research-focused MRes programs)
  • Lead to a master’s degree qualification
  • Based in the UK
  • Part-time
  • Distance learning
  • Less than nine months in duration
  • More than 12 months in duration
  • Ph.D. or DPhil
  • Taught with more than one month of study outside the UK

Chevening Scholarship Age Limit

A keen understanding of the eligible courses offered under the Chevening Scholarship is vital. The prerequisites for these courses are as follows:

  • The course should commence in the Autumn Term.
  • Candidates must opt for a full-time master’s degree.
  • In the case of part-time courses, the duration should exceed 12 months.

Required Documents for Chevening Scholarship Application

Before initiating the Chevening Scholarship application process, candidates should ensure the availability of the following documents:

  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • Graduation degree certificates
  • Comprehensive CV
  • Official transcript in English or French
  • Personal statement
  • At least one reference letter
  • Valid passport

Chevening Scholarship 2023 online Application

Applicants intending to apply for the scholarship online should gather the aforementioned documents. The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  1. Visit the official Chevening Portal at
  2. Click on “APPLY” from the home page.
  3. In the new tab, select the country and award of your choice.
  4. Click on “Search.”
  5. Access the provided instructions and guidance.
  6. Select the course wisely and click on the application form link.
  7. Complete the application form accurately.
  8. Attach the required documents.
  9. Click “Submit.”
  10. Retain a hard copy of the application form for future reference.

Benefits & Facilities of Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship offers an array of benefits and facilities, enhancing the educational experience for recipients. These encompass:

  • Coverage of university tuition fees.
  • Provision of a monthly stipend.
  • Allocation of travel funds for travel to and from the UK.
  • Reception of an arrival allowance.
  • Granting of a homeward departure allowance.
  • Facilitation of the visa application cost.
  • Provision of travel grants to attend Chevening events in the UK.

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