Canadian universities Scholarships 2023: Check list, last date, fees, requirements and Updates

If the dream of studying in Canadian universities tuition-free has always captured your imagination, then this article holds exciting news for you. Here, you’ll discover a compilation of scholarships in Canada available to international students, devoid of IELTS requirements and application fees.

Prepare to be amazed, as more than 30 million dollars are allocated annually by public sector Canadian universities to international students through fully funded Canadian scholarships accompanied by study visas. This tremendous financial support offers an opportunity that should not be missed. Waste no time; swiftly submit your online application for admission (

Canadian universities extend a unique chance to international students to pursue higher education in Canada by granting fully funded scholarships. These scholarships cover all educational expenses, residential accommodations, health insurance, travel expenses, and even provide a monthly stipend to international scholars.

IELTS certificate for admission

Now, you might wonder about the necessity of an IELTS certificate for admission to these Canadian universities. Let me clarify: several Canadian universities listed below don’t mandate the IELTS exam for international students, as they also accept alternative English language tests. However, keep in mind that when applying for a Canadian study visa, you’ll likely need PTE or IELTS scores.

Though not all scholarship applicants require additional certifications like IELTS, a certificate of English proficiency such as DET, PTE, TOFEL, or CAEL is essential for admission. In case you lack these English language certificates, you might be required to complete an English language preparatory course and attain a minimum score of 32 upon admission to a Canadian university.

Canadian Scholarships Without Application Fees

Let’s delve into the crucial details of the top 3 Canadian scholarships that will open for the next batch (2024-2025), welcoming both Canadian and international students:

Brock University Scholarships 2024

Brock University, Canada, offers admissions in undergraduate, postgraduate, and certification programs. English is the primary medium of instruction for most courses and degree offerings. Non-native English-speaking international applicants need to demonstrate English proficiency. While IELTS is accepted, the university also recognizes CAEL, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, IELP 5, CPE, CAE, and IB.

Scholarships at Brock University include Brock Scholars Awards, Emerging Market Entrance Awards, International Curriculum Awards, Caribbean International Scholarship, International Bridging Scholar Award, International Education Fund, and International Curriculum Awards Scholarships.

CARLETON Scholarships 2024

Highly competitive Canadian scholarships are offered at Carleton University, where thirteen students are selected annually to receive fully funded scholarships. International Award of Excellence and International Award of Merit are sought-after scholarships at Carleton, available to deserving students who have completed their secondary school education.

Winnipeg University Scholarships 2024

University of Winnipeg expects over a thousand international students from 75 different countries to enroll on scholarships in 2024-2025, as per last year’s admission records. To secure admission, meet all requirements set by the admission department, including a grade point average of 80 percent or higher. No IELTS or additional English language proficiency certificate is required. President’s Scholarship for World Leaders is a rewarding option for continuing studies at University of Winnipeg.

In Closing

Canadian universities open doors to limitless possibilities through scholarships that waive application fees and IELTS requirements. With these scholarships, dreams of studying in Canada can come true. Embrace this chance to elevate your academic journey and international experience.

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