Ban Ki-Moon: The Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship for Masters Study at MCI in 2023 is now available for application

Ban Ki-Moon: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and MCI are working together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Entrepreneurial University (MCI) is an Applied Science University in Innsbruck, Austria. This network provides meaningful connections between universities, grandes écoles, business schools, and universities of applied sciences. Ban Ki-Moon Scholarships for master’s study in 2022 are being offer by MCI. In its unique concept of an international entrepreneurial university, MCI brings together science, economy, and consulting. With a high level of customer and service orientation, a first-class infrastructure, a high level of international renown, and an academic commitment to quality, it stands for internationally, academic quality, practice orientation, innovation, and close cooperation with industry. Furthermore, MCI contributes to the professionalization of business, management, politics, and culture by providing new impulses and strengthening competitiveness for organizations.

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship 2023, know more about…

In response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship provides students studying and developing at prestigious universities in Europe. MCI (Management Centre Innsbruck) and the 8th UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have a joint mission to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For each master’s program, the Ban ki-Moon Scholarship is available to first-year students. After successful completion of the first year of the master’s program, the scholarship may extended for a second year. This article provides information about the Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship, eligibility criteria, application procedures, last date, objectives, and much more if you interested in applying.

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Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Main Points

Name of scholarship Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship
Objective Students get the opportunity to study in Europe at MCI
Beneficiaries Students pursuing in Master’s
Eligibility criteria Masters pursuing students (All Nationals)
Application deadline By March 31, 2022
Official website

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Objectives

  • Many external lecturers will brought in by the MCI from various corporations and businesses, ensuring that students from around the world have access to the most advanced academic education.
  • A solution-oriented approach to research characterizes MCI’s research.
  • By participating in Sustainable Development Goals, students gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship 2022 Benefits

  • European master’s degrees are available to students.
  • Master’s courses provide students with the opportunity to learn more about relevant subjects and expand their knowledge.
  • There are a variety of Master’s programs in business and society, offering advanced knowledge in business administration, computer science, law, health, and social science.
  • Aside from study courses in technology and life sciences, the Entrepreneurial School offers study courses in other fields. A thorough understanding of process, machine, electrical, and energy engineering taught in these courses.
  • As long as the applicant can convincingly articulate their motivation for choosing more than one study program at the MCI, they are welcome to apply simultaneously for more than one program at the MCI.

Amount of the scholarship

  • A total of 10,000 Euros/ 8,88,730.47 Indian Rupees will awarded to the applicants.
  • It is not possible to use the scholarship amount to offset any other expenses, such as travel, accommodation, etc., for the first academic year.

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Selection Process

Based on the selection criteria mentioned above, applications will be evaluated in two stages.

Applications will be shortlisted in a pre-selection phase.
The shortlisted applicants will then be invited to an interview with the Ban Ki-Moon Centre and MCI jurors.
Weighing is used to make the final decision:
Documents submitted in 50%
There will be a 50% jury interview.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Nationals of countries outside the European Union are eligible to apply to all master’s programs.
  • All nationalities are eligible for Executive Master’s programs.
  • Student engagement with and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a desire to promote these goals during their studies.
  • The current annual tuition fee must be paid by freshers.

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Required Documents

  • Copy of submitted application to MCI masters programs.
  • Written application and CV Undergraduate degree.
  • Motivation letter with SDG aims.
  • Language proficiency.
  • Documented engagement in SDG.

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Application Process

  • A visit to the official website of the Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship 2022 is the first step in applying for the scholarship.
  • You will be taken to the home page where you must click the “Apply now” button.
  • The following information must be entered on the registration page:
    • Written application and CV
    • Undergraduate degree
    • Documented Engagement in SDG
    • Motivation letter with SDG aims
    • Language Proficiency
    • Study program
    • Name
    • Email address
  • Please click on the submit button once you have filled out all these details correctly.
  • The application process will be completed once you click the submit button.

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